Nov 072014
BJP leaders not taking PM Modi's 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' seriously

In the heart of India’s capital, lies the Moti Nagar Constituency, which is being ignored by BJP leaders for many years. Strange irony is Moti Nagar’s MP is Meenakshi Lekhi (BJP), its MLA is Subhash Sachdeva (BJP), and Municipal Councillor is Bharat Bhushan Madaan (BJP), still Moti Nagar area has been ignored big time. Construction work of Moti Nagar Fun Cinema road was started in 2011, but it’s development pace is worse than snail. Local residents have complained to concerned authorities many times, but in […]

Nov 222014
AVOID These 5 Things for a Happy Journey in Delhi Metro

Over the years, Delhi Metro has maintained high standards of service and baring a few instances, we don’t have much to complain about. Frankly, most of us in Delhi, who have seen killer red-line buses on the road, never expected a public transport to be so convenient. But Alas! There is a sad side to this story. And, we are the culprit. Well, maybe not you, but it could be your fellow passengers. When travelling in a world-class metro, we ought to display civil behavior. […]

Nov 192014
How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

We expect the prowess of our joints and lungs to slowly decline as we age, but the thought of our minds doing the same is intolerable. Here are some top prevention tips worth their weight in wits, plus a few to forget. Do something! Scientists are starting to think that regular aerobic exercise may be the single most important thing you can do for the long-term health of your brain. While the heart and lungs respond loudly to a sprint on the treadmill, the brain […]

Nov 192014
How to Reduce Job Stress

As much as we wish we could, we can’t separate our work lives from our home lives. But it turns out, we also we can’t separate our work lives from our health. A recent study showed yet again that the stress people take on at work can affects their cardiovascular health. Women who experienced higher job strain were 67 percent more likely to have a heart attack, and 38 percent more likely to experience a cardiovascular event, according to the study. There are ways that […]

Nov 182014
Top 4 Most Exquisite Hotels in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is a hub of everything. One can find the glimpse of the entire India in the “Dil walon ka shehar” right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Delhi has been the home to various cultural monuments, mesmerizing museums, mosques, forts, lavish malls and shopping centre. While the city is famous for its food, night life, unified culture and much more, it is also known for the extravagance and luxury especially when it comes to hotels. Luxury hotels of Delhi have their own […]

Nov 182014
Top 5 New & Surprising Facts About Lakes

Salty or fresh, lakes are some of the only freely available water sources on land. Aside from rivers and streams, the rest of the world’s freshwater is locked up in ice or trapped underground. Yet much remains mysterious about these important natural resources. Here are some new and surprising facts from a recent count of Earth’s lakes. Small but significant There are 117 million lakes on Earth, covering 3.7 percent of the continental land surface. (This doesn’t include Antarctica, Greenland or the Caspian Sea). About […]

Nov 172014
The Best Cities to Live in India

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy, a Bangalore-based non-profit body, issued the Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems 2014 report last week. ASICS 2014 is an objective benchmarking exercise of Indian cities and undoubtedly the most comprehensive evaluation of Urban India. Covering 21 cities, the survey throws up interesting insights on citizen participation, public services, powers of municipal corporations, transparency in governance and urban planning in India’s leading cities. 1. Kolkata 4.0 2. Thiruvananthapuram 3.9 3. Bhopal 3.7 4. Patna 3.6 5. Delhi 3.6 6. Raipur […]

Nov 172014
8 Ways Global Warming is Changing the World

Over the last 100 years, global temperatures have warmed by about 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit (0.74 degrees Celsius) on average. The change may seem minor, but it’s happening very quickly — more than half of it since 1979, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Though it can still be difficult to tease out how much climate change plays in any given weather event, changes are occurring. In the spirit of Earth day, here’s a look at our marvelous blue marble and the ways people […]

Nov 142014
Brain-to-Brain Link Makes 'Mind Control' Possible

Humans could be much more efficient communicators if they could bypass language altogether and directly transmit thoughts, ideas and instructions from one brain to another. Scientists have demonstrated that instant brain-to-brain communication could become a reality with the help of computers. In recent experiments, researchers from the University of Washington showed that they could send one person’s thoughts through a computer to control the hand motion of a person sitting half a mile (0.8 kilometers) away. Contributed By Neha

Nov 122014
Top 5 most exciting routes in India

Forget air and rail travel. When you travel the vast expanse of Earth by road, you notice the myriad of colours, smells, peoples and cultures. The phrase road trip itself depicts and defines the kind of excitement, beguiling and adventure that puts travellers in a buoyant mood. It is the way to travel where you can easily and clearly enjoy the scenic beauty of nature, and where you feel the fresh breeze. It is easier to enjoy local foods and get along with people. Here […]

Nov 122014
Top 10 most beautiful female politicians of Pakistan

Pakistan is one country that is known for all the wrong reasons. Be it militancy or the conservative political set up that is soft on fundamentalists who indulge in violence at the drop of a hat. If strategic commentators are to be believed, Pakistan has become the epicenter of terrorism. Most of political parties in Pakistan seem to have a soft corner for the militants for various reasons but a closer look at Pakistan’s political landscape reveals the presence of an impressive set of beautiful […]

Nov 102014
Top 10 Cities in the World

Nearly 77,000 of our readers rated their favorite cities in the world. Is your favorite on the list? Read about all the best hotels, resorts, islands, spas, and cruise lines in the world in our Readers’ Choice Awards 2014. 1. Florence, Italy Florence is a perennial Readers’ Choice winner—a beauty in its art, architecture, history, and cuisine. Contributing editor Matt Hranek says he never goes hungry in this city—bistecca alla fiorentina at Trattoria Le Mossacce and a panino al lampredotto (stewed tripe sandwich) at the […]

Nov 102014
Top 5 Worst NASA Accidents Ever

Just seconds after liftoff an unmanned Antares rocket exploded. This marks the first accident since NASA began delivering cargo to the International Space Station using private operators. Fortunately, no one was killed in the accident, but once again all eyes are on NASA and its safety precautions. In the years since Americans began venturing into space, more than 160 launches have failed. We’ve compiled five of the worst NASA accidents ever: CHALLENGER January 28, 1986 Seven crew members The Challenger’s launch drew more attention than […]

Nov 082014
Here is a list of top 10 safest cars in India

While driving on the road these days, with the high probabilities of accidents, safety features in the cars are also considered while buying one. Apart from designing and performance, various features like Auto Emergency Brakes, Fog Lamps, Curtain Airbags and Traction control are one of the few most sought after safety features that customers look for. In India, people now opt for safest cars and not the most stylish ones. Here is a list of top 10 safest cars in India: Ford Fiesta: When this […]

Nov 082014
List of World's 10 Tallest Hotels

1. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Height: 355 m. Built: 2012. (Courtesy JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts) 2. Rose Rayhaan by Rotana, United Arab Emirates. Height: 333 m. Built: 2009. (Courtesy Rotana Hotels) 3. Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea. Height: 330 m. Built: 2012. (Courtesy Ryugyong Hotel) 4. Burj Al Arab, United Arab Emirates. Height: 321 m. Built: 1999. (Courtesy Jumeirah Hotels, Resorts & Residences) 5. Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, United Arab Emirates. Height: 309 m. Built: 2000. (Fotolia) 6. The Address Downtown Dubai, […]