Oct 242014
7 Most Absolutely Horrible Head Infections

Recently, a college student in Korea reportedly went blind after leaving her contact lenses in her eyes around-the-clock for months. Amoebas infected her eyes, ate through her corneas and permanently damaged her retinas. And in recent summers, there have been a few deaths caused by Naegleria fowleri, known as the brain-eating amoeba — an infection picked up by swimming in lakes, rivers or hot springs. These tragic medical cases got us thinking: What are the worst infections to get in your head? Here’s a rundown [...]

Oct 242014
9 Deadliest Viruses on Earth

Humans have been battling viruses since before our species had even evolved into its modern form. For some viral diseases, vaccines and antiviral drugs have allowed us to keep infections from spreading widely, and have helped sick people recover. For one disease — smallpox — we’ve been able to eradicate it, ridding the world of new cases. But as the Ebola outbreak now devastating West Africa demonstrates, we’re a long way from winning the fight against viruses. The strain that is driving the current epidemic, [...]

Oct 222014
How to Look Gorgeous During Festive Season

It’s festival time and apart from indulging in shopping and partying, one should also take good care of one’s skin. The revelry should not stop you from looking gorgeous and a head-turner. * Oily skin is a big no-no – Keeping the October heat in mind, make sure your skin is cleansed before applying makeup. Try to keep the make up as minimal as possible to avoid it peeling off. Use a skin cleanser to gently remove dirt, excess oil and make-up from your skin. [...]

Oct 222014
Famous Indian dishes that have become a favorite of many worldwide

Indian cuisines have started gaining popularity worldwide primarily because of being rich in taste and flavor. We now witness Indian restaurants in abundance abroad and if you think only Indians visit them, then you are mistaken. Now these restaurants top the charts of food critics for their opulent dishes. We bring to you some dishes that have become a favorite of many worldwide. 10. Butter Chicken The famous Punjabi delicacy is loved by food connoisseur across the globe. Considered to be one of the most [...]

Oct 212014

WabsTalk now is the known name in the world of institutes providing Spoken English and Public Speaking. This institute has grown immensely in terms of area, goodwill and popularity. The centers offer various courses starting from the basic (Smart English) to Public Speaking. They also provide individual and online coaching depending upon the suitability of the student. The various course options are designed in a way to develop and improvise the ability, confidence and talent among the students to learn new academic and business skills. [...]

Oct 212014
7 Coolest Festivals of Light Other than Diwali Celebrated Around the World

Diwali – The name itself casts a magic spell and makes our eyes sparkle. Color, illuminated everywhere, gifts, fire crackers, colorful foods and lots and lots of fun and mirth define this festival. And, boy! How we Indians love to take pride in our culture on this day! But, if you thought that Diwali is the only festival of light in the whole wide world, then you would be mistaking a bit. Yes, we admit that it is the grandest of them all, but there [...]

Oct 212014
Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars in India

Remember the “kitna deti hai” advertising caption of one of the leading Indian auto-marketers? This single advertisement said it all! We are a nation obsessed with great mileage cars offeredat competitive rates. And of course, the soaring fuel prices have made our obsession grow even stronger! So, here’s a list of petrol and diesel cars in India, which offer great mileage without burning a hole in your pocket! Take a look: 10. Tata Nano Manufactured by Indigenous auto makers Tata Motors – Tata Nano also [...]

Oct 202014
Fatty foods harm men more than women: Study

Men who munch on fatty foods are at increased health risks in comparison to women who consume high-fat meals, a new study has found, reports PTI. Researchers have found that male and female brains respond in remarkably different ways to high-fat meals. The findings may help to explain observed differences in obesity outcomes between women and men and suggest that dietary advice should be made more sex-specific, researchers said. “Our findings, for the first time, suggest that males and females respond to high-fat diets differently,” [...]

Oct 152014
World's 10 most traffic jammed cities

Here’s list of the ten most traffic-clogged cities on the planet, ranked by their respective congestion levels, which notes the percent increase in overall traffic times during peak periods versus those rare times when traffic is flowing freely TomTom’s traffic index is based upon comparisons of travel times during non-congested hours against those in peak hours experienced by passenger vehicles. All data is based on actual GPS-based measurements. The index takes into account both major highways and local roads. 1. Moscow, Russia: 74% 2. Istanbul, [...]

Oct 142014
World's top 10 most dangerous places to work

So, you’re doing fine as, say, a Yahoo editor, and your director tells you she’d like you to take a role in the Eritrea office. The Eritrea office? you think. Does the country even have Internet? But that would be the wrong question. A better one: How likely am I to get killed, injured, or sold into bonded labour? Rank: 10 Country: Zimbabwe Category: Extreme Rank: 9 Country: South Sudan Category: Extreme Rank: 8 Country: Pakistan Category: Extreme Rank: 7 Country: Afghanistan Category: Extreme Rank: [...]

Oct 132014
Your typing style can reveal your emotions: Study

While computers outperform humans in most mathematical tasks and can do complex calculations that people never could, there’s one area where machines haven’t quite achieved humanlike smarts: emotional intelligence. But now, a new computer program can recognize people’s emotions based on how they type, paving the way for computers that could one day be smarter than humans — a concept called “the singularity.” In a new study, researchers asked a small group of people to type a block of sample text, and then analyzed the [...]

Oct 092014
How to Focus Your Mind for Success

Success is what everyone wants, but how can you get it. There are three key strategies to ensure your road to success. You first need to acknowledge that as the cliché states, ‘Success doesn’t happen overnight.” Success is a process and not a singular event in time, so you must embrace the journey of discovery that is the finding your own personal recipe for success, success is something that once you think you have obtained, you can go on developing, so it is also not [...]

Oct 092014
Baileys Irish Cream ranks sixth as best selling duty-free brand globally

Baileys remains one of the most popular duty-free spirits in the world despite seeing a 3.6 per cent decline in sales last year. Baileys Irish Cream is ranked as the sixth-best selling duty-free brand globally with volumes of 673,000, down from 698,000 a year earlier. Volumes have declined by 1.1 per cent since 2008 when Baileys was the third-best selling duty-free spirit in the world. Jameson is now in 11th place in the top fifty duty-free brand table, a rise of four places since 2009. [...]

Oct 082014
Trees that might be easier to identify in fall

Fall brings some spectacular views of trees, with their leaves turning hues of orange, yellow, red, purple and brown. But their changing colors provide more than just pretty sights — they can also serve as a marker to help you know what kind of tree you’re looking at. Here are a few trees that might be easier to spot in fall. Honey locust tree The honey locust tree (Gleditsiatriacanthos) grows across the United States, and is most concentrated in the central part of the country, [...]