Apr 252015
China to become world’s top market for mobile games by 2016

Everybody knows that mobile gaming is big in China. How big? Big enough that, according to a white paper released today by GMGC, China will become the top global market for mobile games by 2016. Citing data from Newzoo Global Games Market Premium, the white paper estimates that mobile gaming revenues in 2015 will hit US$6.1 billion – just below the US’s projected revenues for this year at US$6.3 billion. But in 2016 China is expected to blow past the US for the first time […]

Apr 252015
Toyota remains world’s top-selling automaker, beats Volkswagen and General Motors

Toyota remains the world’s top-selling automaker, holding off Volkswagen and General Motors despite slightly lower sales in the first quarter. Sales at Toyota dropped 2.5 percent in the January-to-March period to 2.52 million, the company said Thursday. Meanwhile, VW reported sales of 2.49 million and GM 2.42 million. Last year, Toyota beat VW by a slim 90,000-sale margin to stay No. 1, according to Bloomberg. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Apr 242015
Earth's oceans rank as the seventh largest world economy

When compared to the world’s top 10 economies, Earth’s oceans rank as the seventh largest, given that a new report estimates the value of their key assets at $24 trillion. Their inherent value is, of course, priceless, but the report — titled “Reviving the Ocean Economy: The Case for Action” — makes a strong economic case for urgent conservation action. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) prepared the analysis in association with The Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland and The Boston Consulting Group. Coral […]

Apr 242015
Switzerland ranks top as world's happiest country 2015, Japan is ranked in 46th place

Switzerland is the happiest country in the world, closely followed by Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada, according to a global ranking of happiness unveiled in New York on Thursday. Japan ranked 46th, one place above South Korea. China took 84th spot. The 2015 World Happiness Report is the third annual report seeking to quantify happiness as a means of influencing government policy. The United Nations published the first study in 2012. Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia round out the top 10, making […]

Apr 222015
Malaysia Airlines ranks the world’s 16th most reliable airline by a travel website

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) was ranked the world’s 16th most reliable airline by a travel website, despite the national carrier suffering two plane crashes last year. WanderBat’s ranking this month that surveyed 22 airlines gave MAS a score of 85 out of 100, based on the criteria of the number of free checked baggage allowed, flight punctuality and the average age of the fleet. “Despite the recent tragic disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines plane, the rest of the airlines’ stats still stand firm,” WanderBat said. Flight […]

Apr 222015
France becomes world's top market for rosé wine, US second

The world’s leading producer and consumer of rosé wines, France is not the only country to succumb to the fruity and floral notes of this summery beverage. The popularity of rosé wines is on the rise around the globe, and the US is the second largest market. French oenophiles consumed around 9 million hectoliters of rosé wine in 2013, representing a 50per cent increase over the decade. In fact, rosés even replaced reds as the country’s most popular wine over the course of the year, […]

Apr 162015
Singapore becomes world’s top network-ready country in 2015

A report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) says Singapore is the world’s top network-ready country in 2015. The report arguing that many countries are failing to implement basic reforms that could increase productivity, boost economic growth and raise living standards, notes that the world’s developing and emerging economies are failing to exploit the potential of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to drive social and economic transformation and catch up with more advanced nations. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Apr 162015
New Zealand ranks 8th in top most powerful passports in the world

Arton Capital’s ‘Passport Index’ is an interactive website which “collects, displays and ranks the passports of the world.” The higher the Visa Free Score, the higher the “Passport Power Rank.” Unsurprisingly, the US and UK are the most widely accepted in the world with 147 nations opening their doors to travellers visa-free. Tied for second place are France, Germany, and South Korea, with 145 countries. New Zealand has a passport power ranking of 8, with 139 possible visa-free countries to visit. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Apr 082015
How to Chase Your Dreams

One life, one breath, one heart that is all we have. Never waste it, or disregard its value. Any amount of wealth could never surmount the priceless opportunity that life provides us with. You can amass gold mountains of them, but you can never trade the amount of breaths left for you to make a difference. Therefore I bid you to chase your dreams, to go after what truly counts & leave the rest behind those are not your work. Your task is to find […]

Apr 062015
Top 6 Best Question-Answer Websites

So, what questions are your friends asking you today? Are you stuck up somewhere and are looking for some professional answers by viewers? Do you need to discuss something? Here you will find the best Question-Answer websites listed below, Have a look:- 6. Metafilter: Metafilter is a blog where any individual can lay on his/her ideas towards someone’s query by link or by comment. It helps in turning down the blockade among people and to help them by providing different point of views by discussions […]

Apr 062015
Top 10 Most Popular Firearms of the World

In last over 100 years, the world has seen some great changes in warfare. It saw the horrors of World War I and World War II. Such has been the threat perception that the craze for advancement in weapons technology rose to newer heights. As of now every country makes all attempts to remain well-equipped with the finest of firearms, and any other kind of weapons that ensure their defense against their enemies. In the wake of such possibilities, many lethal, powerful, and destructive weapons […]

Apr 022015
World’s Top 10 Longest-Living Animals

The secret to longevity? Living on remote islands or in the ocean’s deep. Tortoises may best be known for their incredible ability to outlive humans, but they aren’t the world’s longest-living animal. Not by a long shot. According to Discovery News, the planet’s longest-living creature is actually a little-known clam called the ocean quahog. One quahog dredged off the coast of Ireland in 2006 was found to be 507 years old and was promptly given the nickname “Ming the clam”. So what are the secrets […]

Apr 022015
Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq among world's top users of death penalty: Report

Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq feature in the top five countries around the world that executed most people in 2014, according to a report released. China topped the list, with an unknown number of executions thought to be in the thousands, and the United States was fifth with 35. Official media in Iran announced 289 executions in 2014 but Amnesty said “reliable sources” put the number much higher at 743. Saudi Arabia executed at least 90 people and Iraq at least 61. Iran carried out […]

Mar 312015
Hollywood actress ANGELINA JOLIE crowns world's foremost feminist icon

ANGELINA JOLIE has been named the world’s foremost feminist icon just days after she underwent potentially life-saving surgery to remove her ovaries. The Hollywood actress, who had a preventative operation last week (ends22Mar15) in a bid to eliminate a cancer risk, came out top of a new poll naming women’s rights champions. Jolie took pole position in the survey by fashion house Rose & Willard for her work with the United Nations (U.N.) and her campaigns to end sexual assaults on women in war zones. […]