Jan 292015
Australia ranks 10th in the top ten business-friendly countries in the world

With constant talk of unreasonably high penalty rates and the barriers created by red tape, Aussie small business owners may be surprised to learn Australia is considered to be one the easiest places in the world to run a business. The World Bank has placed Australia in the top ten business-friendly countries in its latest Doing Business 2015 report. Australia is ranked 10th on the list, hot on the heels of the US (eighth) and Finland (ninth). Singapore topped the list, while our rival from […]

Jan 292015
China’s yuan becomes one of the top 5 most-used currencies in the world: SWIFT

China’s yuan has become one of the top five most-used currencies in the world, overtaking the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), an international financial transactions agency. The yuan ranked fifth, accounting for a record 2.17 percent of global payments in December, up from 1.59 percent in October. The yuan was preceded by the Japanese yen with 2.69 percent, while the U.S. dollar topped the chart with 44.6 percent, followed by the euro and the […]

Jan 292015
Here are The Economist’s 10 Safest Cities in the World

That’s why we have special interest in visiting the world’s safest cities, as recently ranked in The Economist’s Safe Cities Index. The Economist Intelligence Unit looked at 50 cities, selected for factors including their size and availability of data. The cities were ranked on more than 40 metrics that spanned four main categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety. Wealthy Asian cities, like Tokyo and Singapore topped the list. The other top spots went to cities in Europe, Australia, Canada and the […]

Jan 282015
India ranks world's 128th freest economy

With an economic freedom score of 54.6 out of 100, India has been ranked 128th freest economy in the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom evaluating economic conditions and government policies in 186 countries. The annual report by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative Washington think tank, in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, ranks India 26th out of 41 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. India`s total score is down by 1.1 points from last year, with modest improvements in business freedom, property rights, and freedom from […]

Jan 232015
List of Top International Schools in India

If a child gets groomed in an international environment by a school located in the country, what more can a parent ask for. International schools, though pricey, but offers a high quality infrastructure as well as learning experience. Horse riding taught in specialised grounds and lessons on interactive boards. In a survey done by ‘Education World’, an education oriented magazine, it has revealed a list of top 10 International schools in the country. The next time you want to send your child to the most […]

Jan 212015
Auckland as the 9th least affordable major city in the world: Report

A new report which shows Auckland houses are pricier than those in Los Angeles is being criticised as a poor indication of housing affordability. The 11th annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey classified Auckland as the ninth least affordable major city in the world. Auckland is the 14th least affordable city out of all 378 cities surveyed, and has been rated as “severely unaffordable” in 11 surveys done – less affordable than Los Angeles and the Gold Coast. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Jan 212015
Toyota stays at the top in global vehicle sales in 2014, beats VW, GM

Toyota Motor Corp. stayed at the top in global vehicle sales in 2014, taking that auto industry crown for the third year straight, but was less upbeat about this year. The Japanese automaker sold 10.23 million vehicles, beating out Volkswagen and General Motors. But it expects to sell fewer trucks and cars this year, forecasting sales will fall 1 percent year-on-year to 10.15 million vehicles, according to numbers released Wednesday. The drop is largely due to a projected 9 percent plunge in Japan sales. Japan […]

Jan 172015
10 Safest low-cost and leisure charter airlines in the world

The low-cost airline business model has only been around for a couple of decades, but it has developed a major presence in the airline business. According to PWC, low-cost airlines account for more than 25% of the world’s aviation business. From a pool of 449 carriers around the world, AirlineRatings.com selected the 10 safest low-cost and leisure charter airlines in the world. To compile its list, the website evaluated each airline based on its standing with international regulators, its fatality record over the past 10 […]

Jan 132015
Spain's Malaga becomes 2nd top city in the world to visit in 2015: Survey

MALAGA has been hailed as the second top city to visit in the world in 2015 by Rough Guides. The beautiful Andalucian port is in the midst of a booming cultural revival, and the renowned travel guide has picked it out as one of the world’s hottest travel destinations for the coming year. The annual top 10 rankings are headed by Johannesburg in South Africa, with New Orleans in third place and, perhaps more surprisingly, Birmingham in England makes the list in ninth place. Top […]

Jan 132015
Malaysia ranks 4th in world’s retirement destinations 2015

Malaysia continues to be the ideal spot for retirees planning to seek their retirement haven abroad. In the latest Annual Global Retirement Index for 2015 produced by International Living, Malaysia topped the list of all Asian retirement destinations and ranked fourth in the world after Ecuador, Panama, and Mexico. Malaysia is the only Asian nation that made it into the top ten list besides Thailand (at number ten). The report had analysed 25 countries and ranked them in categories including real estate costs, special benefits […]

Jan 122015
Monkeys can learn to recognize themselves in the mirror

Experiments with rhesus monkeys show they can learn to recognize themselves in the mirror. That self-recognition became the basis for a test of intelligence. The chimps quickly learned to recognize themselves in the reflection and investigate the marks—above the eyebrow ridge or on the tip of their ears, out of sight without the aid of a mirror. This time, researchers shined a high-powered laser on a rhesus monkey’s face in front of a mirror. It was enough to cause some kind of sensation that made […]

Jan 122015
7 Most Absolutely Horrible Head Infections

Recently, a college student in Korea reportedly went blind after leaving her contact lenses in her eyes around-the-clock for months. Amoebas infected her eyes, ate through her corneas and permanently damaged her retinas. And in recent summers, there have been a few deaths caused by Naegleria fowleri, known as the brain-eating amoeba — an infection picked up by swimming in lakes, rivers or hot springs. These tragic medical cases got us thinking: What are the worst infections to get in your head? Here’s a rundown […]

Jan 092015
Top 5 Muslim Terrorists in the World: RISSC Survey

The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies (RISSC) released a list of the top 5 extremists in Islam who are spreading terrorism around the world. All the terrorists on the list are either part of are or are connect to Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS) or al-Qaeda. The two terror groups themselves have a lot of differences. ISIS “is not a branch of the al-Qaeda group .?.?. does not have an organizational relationship with it and [al-Qaeda] is not the group responsible for their actions,” […]

Jan 092015
List of World's 10 Tallest Hotels

1. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Height: 355 m. Built: 2012. (Courtesy JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts) 2. Rose Rayhaan by Rotana, United Arab Emirates. Height: 333 m. Built: 2009. (Courtesy Rotana Hotels) 3. Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea. Height: 330 m. Built: 2012. (Courtesy Ryugyong Hotel) 4. Burj Al Arab, United Arab Emirates. Height: 321 m. Built: 1999. (Courtesy Jumeirah Hotels, Resorts & Residences) 5. Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, United Arab Emirates. Height: 309 m. Built: 2000. (Fotolia) 6. The Address Downtown Dubai, […]