Oct 202014
Fatty foods harm men more than women: Study

Men who munch on fatty foods are at increased health risks in comparison to women who consume high-fat meals, a new study has found, reports PTI. Researchers have found that male and female brains respond in remarkably different ways to high-fat meals. The findings may help to explain observed differences in obesity outcomes between women and men and suggest that dietary advice should be made more sex-specific, researchers said. “Our findings, for the first time, suggest that males and females respond to high-fat diets differently,” [...]

Oct 152014
World's 10 most traffic jammed cities

Here’s list of the ten most traffic-clogged cities on the planet, ranked by their respective congestion levels, which notes the percent increase in overall traffic times during peak periods versus those rare times when traffic is flowing freely TomTom’s traffic index is based upon comparisons of travel times during non-congested hours against those in peak hours experienced by passenger vehicles. All data is based on actual GPS-based measurements. The index takes into account both major highways and local roads. 1. Moscow, Russia: 74% 2. Istanbul, [...]

Oct 142014
World's top 10 most dangerous places to work

So, you’re doing fine as, say, a Yahoo editor, and your director tells you she’d like you to take a role in the Eritrea office. The Eritrea office? you think. Does the country even have Internet? But that would be the wrong question. A better one: How likely am I to get killed, injured, or sold into bonded labour? Rank: 10 Country: Zimbabwe Category: Extreme Rank: 9 Country: South Sudan Category: Extreme Rank: 8 Country: Pakistan Category: Extreme Rank: 7 Country: Afghanistan Category: Extreme Rank: [...]

Oct 132014
Your typing style can reveal your emotions: Study

While computers outperform humans in most mathematical tasks and can do complex calculations that people never could, there’s one area where machines haven’t quite achieved humanlike smarts: emotional intelligence. But now, a new computer program can recognize people’s emotions based on how they type, paving the way for computers that could one day be smarter than humans — a concept called “the singularity.” In a new study, researchers asked a small group of people to type a block of sample text, and then analyzed the [...]

Oct 092014
How to Focus Your Mind for Success

Success is what everyone wants, but how can you get it. There are three key strategies to ensure your road to success. You first need to acknowledge that as the cliché states, ‘Success doesn’t happen overnight.” Success is a process and not a singular event in time, so you must embrace the journey of discovery that is the finding your own personal recipe for success, success is something that once you think you have obtained, you can go on developing, so it is also not [...]

Oct 092014
Baileys Irish Cream ranks sixth as best selling duty-free brand globally

Baileys remains one of the most popular duty-free spirits in the world despite seeing a 3.6 per cent decline in sales last year. Baileys Irish Cream is ranked as the sixth-best selling duty-free brand globally with volumes of 673,000, down from 698,000 a year earlier. Volumes have declined by 1.1 per cent since 2008 when Baileys was the third-best selling duty-free spirit in the world. Jameson is now in 11th place in the top fifty duty-free brand table, a rise of four places since 2009. [...]

Oct 082014
Trees that might be easier to identify in fall

Fall brings some spectacular views of trees, with their leaves turning hues of orange, yellow, red, purple and brown. But their changing colors provide more than just pretty sights — they can also serve as a marker to help you know what kind of tree you’re looking at. Here are a few trees that might be easier to spot in fall. Honey locust tree The honey locust tree (Gleditsiatriacanthos) grows across the United States, and is most concentrated in the central part of the country, [...]

Oct 072014
Online video games and remote experiments can reduce scientific fraud: Study

Online video games and remote experiments can combat the rising level of errors and fraud in life sciences research, says a new study co-authored by an Indian-origin researcher. Online game-like approach are more scientifically rigorous than the standard practice of scientists proposing an explanation for some phenomenon and then testing that hypothesis through experimentation. Massive online laboratories use video games to engage large numbers of non-professional investigators and prevent scientists from manually testing their own hypotheses. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Oct 072014
Top 10 Tattoo Parlours in India

Doesn’t a tattoo look really cool? Well, getting it done is quite the opposite; it is serious business. Too much spontaneity is not a good idea when you want to get a tattoo done. Give it a proper thought, and then research thoroughly as to where you should be doing it. Since, one wrong step can damage your skin forever. Here is a lookout of the best tattoo parlours in India which can act as a guide to you. 10. Brahma Tattoo Parlour, Bangalore This [...]

Oct 062014
Sense of invalidation can increase suicide risk in teens: Study

Teenagers are a difficult lot to understand and handle but making them feel unwanted or invalidating their choices can push them towards suicidal tendencies. Suicide risk found that a high perception of family invalidation – or lack of acceptance – predicted future suicide events among boys, and peer invalidation predicted future self harm, such as cutting, among the teens in general. Among the negative feelings that can plague a teen’s psyche is a perception of “invalidation,” or a lack of acceptance. Contributed By Sonia Narula

Oct 062014
Social networking sites such as Facebook may act as a mood stabiliser: New Study

In a bad mood? Head to Facebook and find someone worse off! When people are in a bad mood, they are more likely to actively search social networking sites such as Facebook to find friends who are doing even worse than they are, a new study suggests. Researchers found that, in general, people use social media to connect with people who are posting positive and success-oriented updates. But when people are in a negative mood, they start to show more interest in the less attractive, [...]

Oct 042014
How to Beef Up Your Brain

Forget where you left your keys this morning? Or maybe you left your umbrella in the office before a rainy evening. Don’t worry, it’s probably not a sign of Alzheimer’s — everyone is a little forgetful now and then. But the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, which slowly deteriorate the brain’s capacity to make new memories, retrieve older ones and perform other mental and physical tasks, is on the rise as the baby boomer generation hits retirement age. A 2007 Alzheimer’s Association [...]

Oct 032014
5 Crazy technologies that are revolutionizing biotech

Biology and technology are progressing in rapid synergy with one another, bringing about startling advances in fields ranging from medicine to neuroscience to computing. Here are some of the incredible technologies that are bringing humanity closer to the technical singularity, the point at which technology will exceed human brainpower and “superintelligence” will emerge. Amazing Androids From HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey” to the Terminator, robots have long captured the public’s imagination. But imagination is giving way to reality, with the development of increasingly lifelike [...]

Oct 032014
Underwater robots could be used to sniff out smuggled drugs, weapons

A warning to all smugglers: A new underwater robot could be used to sniff out contraband — including weapons and drugs — hidden aboard ships. Developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the new, oval-shaped robot may be small (it’s slightly smaller than a football), but it features some big crime-stopping abilities. One side of the bot is flat, which enables it to slide along the bottom of a ship to perform ultrasound scans of the vessel’s hull. Contributed By Sonia