Nov 062011

After the success of 3G in India the Telecom Minister has assured the people that the 4g services will be available by the End of 2012 . He also added that our spectrum  has large capabilities that can accommodate 4G.  Also seeing the success of 3G the various big players in this sector have alreday started working 4G.

"4G in India"

The 4G services provide a data rate of 500 MB/sec when device moving at high speed of around 100 kilometer (high mobility) per hour and 1 Gigabit per second for low mobility. So you can download a movie in just a span of minutes ,easily access the online notes. But the govt is worried about the pricing and contents  that they are not able at the time of need.

So according to them the big players should work on price also so that this service can be made available to all  section of people.

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