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“To bring happiness to the farming community the state government launched a campaign for agriculture development and water conservation so as to take the fruits of progress to village after village. The state government boosted agriculture growth adopting scientific farming and cattle-rearing initiatives. Even nature has been kind in bestowing bountiful rains and the state has seen no drought in the last 10 years. Ten years ago Gujarat farmers’ agriculture income was Rs 14,000 crore, that has risen to Rs 80,000 crore today. The average agricultural growth rate of the country is less than 3 per cent while Gujarat’s has crossed the double digit figure of nearly 11 per cent. He is using drip irrigation, green house, net house and sprinkler techniques to maximize profit with minimum investment. Due to soil health card, the productivity of the land has multiplied giving new directions to the agriculture sector”, Narendra Modi recently said at Sadbhavna Fast.

CM also said, “Gujarat farmer has taken up modern methods of scientific farming leaving behind his old traditional approach. Soil health card has turned out to be a boon to the farmers as it helps educate them on deficiencies relating to the land and to what needs to be done to rectify these deficiencies. This has also resulted in judicious use of fertilizers on the basis of findings of the soil health checkup. Earlier there was a tendency to overuse fertilizers which invariably harmed the composition of the land. This harmful effect has been reversed and thereby has helped to save unnecessary expenditure on fertilizers. Considering this, the state government has decided to give soil health card to every farmer in the state. Till now the lands of 42 lakh farmers have been tested and Gujarat is the first state to achieve this enviable record. Till March 2011, 31 lakh soil health cards have been disbursed, which is a record in itself”.

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  4 Responses to “Gujarat Farmers’ income is Rs 80,000 crore today: Narendra Modi”

  1. Cong. Narendra Modi Ke Pichhe Communal-Communal Chillate aur apna corruption chhupane k chakkar mein Reh Gai. Aur Modi sahab kahan se kahan le gaye apne state ko. Cong. walon kuchh sabak lo aur apna kaam halla karne mein na lagakar desh ki unnati k liye socho.

  2. the Best chief minister in India , Narendra modi

  3. sanjeeb ji ,aapki baton se deshbhakt desh ki janta sahamat hai .cong.aatankvadion ke saath hai. diggi to unake aaka hai.aarakshan ki jarurat kise hai ? gareeb ko. / kya forward cast me log gareeb nanhi hai >? kya lower cast me log amir nanhi hai ? kya mayawati ,Ramvilas ji , laloo ji ko aarakshan ki jarurat hai ?

  4. jahan tak naxalio ki bat hai ….kya sarkar naxalion se ddar gayee hai, to desh ke dusman se kaise mukabla karedi? kya bharat ki sena aur police aur sarkar se janta kya ummeed kare ?

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