Mar 182015
Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015

The most important question we try to answer at Laptop Mag is the following: “What laptop should I buy?” It’s a question with many facets and tons of possible answers. But, often, a good place to start is to decide which brand deserves your hard-earned dollars. Thus, we examine all the biggest notebook makers each year, taking a hard look at laptop quality, technical support, value and selection, and other criteria. Some brands climbed our rankings in 2015, such as HP and Dell, but others […]

Apple iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3, New Galaxy S3 still has an edge over iPhone 5

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Sep 132012
Apple iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3, New Galaxy S3 still has an edge over iPhone 5

New Apple iPhone 5 has created buzz around the World. It has been the trendy topic on many social media websites. This is the comparison between iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 with complete specifications and features. What it means: The Galaxy S3 is the iPhone 5?s biggest competitor and judging from its specs, Apple still might have reason to worry. Like many Android phones, the S3 has a screen bordering on 5 inches. To put that into perspective, Samsung’s screen is about the size of the […]

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Specifications, Features and Review of New Samsung Galaxy S3

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May 142012
Specifications, Features and Review of New Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 comes in a navy-ish blue or white. We tried out the white version and found it quite comfortable for a phone with a 4.8-inch screen. There are times when it’s still a bit large, but thanks to a smaller bezel and thin 8.6mm frame, it feels relatively comfortable in the hand. As always, many people will find phones like this just a bit too big to be comfortable. There are smaller devices on the market, but unlike HTC, which made smaller versions of its […]

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Dec 152011
Book your Aakash Tablet now and get it after a week

Finally Aakash tablet is here… Order your Aakash tablet now, and pre-book your Ubislate7 (the upgraded version of Aakash) today! Aakash tablet can be ordered now (cash on delivery) and the delivery will be done in a week’s time. The Aakash tablet runs on Android 2.2 and boast of the following specifications:   7-inch, resistive touchscreen Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports Processor: 366MHz + HD video co-processor Flash memory: 2GB + 2GB microSD (expandable to 32GB), RAM: 256 MB Battery: 2100 mAh Battery life: 3 hours Aakash’s […]

Phone + Tablet = Phablet by Samsung Galaxy Note

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Nov 012011
Phone + Tablet   =   Phablet by Samsung Galaxy Note

Are you bored of carrying multiple devices in your pocket ? Well think if one device can fulfill your all needs  .Well the wait is over as Samsung once again come to the rescue by providing the features of phone and tablet in the single device.Yes, Samsung is going to launch “GALAXY NOTE ” which will provide you the features. It is going to be launched in India on Nov 2 .Forget the burden of carrying multiple devices when only one device can provide you all solutions . Also […]

A twistable phone from Nokia

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Nov 012011
A twistable phone from Nokia

Nokia has released a smart phone which can twist and bend.The kinetic is a flexible OLED smartphone capable of bending and twisting.the phone need to be twisted in and out in order to zoom in and out to the photos.When twisted again the  user reaches back to menu . Although Samsung had also announced a flexible Android phone last month. However, Nokia is the first company to come out with a usable prototype.So finally Nokia has decided to regain it’s lost market to other brands

Oct 312011
Apple iPhone 4S  in India !

Apple’s iPhone 4S will be declared in India by its partners Airtel and Aircel. The model will be available for sale from midnight of 25th November 2011, Friday. The features of the model are believed to be the best ones specially Dual Core A-5 Chip which is consdiered the most powerful iPhone chip.Two cores in the A5 chip deliver up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics. Because the A5 chip is so power-efficient, iPhone 4S has outstanding battery life.Also not […]