Top 5 Scariest Games

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Sep 192011

From Aliens to Zombies, video games developers have covered array of horror concepts. These are top 5 scariest games ever of all time so turn off the light and hide yourself in bed. 1) Siren: Blood Curse (2008) PlayStation 3 In 2003, a Japanese survival horror title called Siren hit the PlayStation 2. The story centers around a number of protagonists scattered about an isolated little village in the mountains of Japan (automatically scary, right?). One night the town got disturbed and, in turn, a […]

Miyamoto explains why Mario is Italian and collects coin ?

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Jun 202011

Over the past several years, we’ve been discovering all sorts of facts about Mario. I’ve always been in search that why Mario is Italian and why he collects coins ? Here, I’ve got the answer from Shigeru Miyamoto. The Mario founder ‘Shigeru Miyamoto’ recently shared an additional nugget regarding the plumber’s origins at the Nintendo World Store event for Super Mario Bros.’s 25th anniversary. Have you ever wondered why Mario is Italian? Well, according to Miyamoto, the idea came from his interest in foreign comics, as […]