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Bollywood Celebrities

Image matters, especially so when you’re a Bollywood actor and every move you make is watched by the media, which requires salacious content to sell. Every star is on his best behaviour when in public, and so when a star does lose his temper, it’s big news.

1. Salman Khan

Entering a venue to attend a function, Salman had the shock of his life when a star-struck fan went up to him and hugged him. As Salman froze in surprise, the fan kissed the actor. The fan got slapped for his public display of adoration and Salman ended up with a bad face.

2. Shahrukh Khan

The ‘Bad shah’ lost it one night at the Wankhede cricket stadium. Shouting and gesticulating at the stadium staff who had asked him to stay away from the playing area, the actor cut a sorry figure on newspaper photographs across the nation. Last heard, the superstar was banned from entering the stadium for five years.

3. Saif Ali Khan

This Khan decided to keep his mouth shut and use his fists instead at a posh restaurant in Mumbai. All it took to provoke the incident was a subtle request from a diner at the adjoining table asking the actor and his friends to speak quietly.

4. John Abraham

John was attending an event in Mangalore when a fan decided to check if John was there for real. The fan tried to bite the actor. Self-preservation was the need of the hour rather than image-making and the fan got a slap.

5. Jackie Shroff

The yesteryear hero from Mumbai, Jackie Shroff had gone to pay his last respects at the funeral of Pran and on his way back to the car, he turned and snapped at the crowd of onlookers and media who were snapping photos of him. Gesticulating and shouting, Jackie told the crowd in typical Mumbai language what he thought of them.

6. Ranbir Kapoor

A most surprising incident considering that this young star, who’s the son of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor, is usually very well behaved and soft spoken. Returning from a restaurant at night, the actor ran into the media who started clicking away. The irritated (and tipsy) actor snatched the camera of a photographer and made a few choice remarks. He also challenged the media to settle matters in true Bollywood style by inviting them to race against him.

7. Genelia D’ Souza

The bubbly star was in for a surprise when she was visiting Vijayawada in 2010. She was promoting her recently launched movie when a fan came too close to her. The Bollywood actress who’s equally at home in the Telugu and Tamil film industries reportedly lost her cool and slapped the fan in public.

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