Malaika Arora Khan is a super hot diva. It’s her strict diet regime which makes her fit and hot. Malaika recently revealed her diet secrets to a media channel. Here’s a look at her top 5 diets:"Hot and Sexy Malaika Arora Khan"

Breakfast: Eggs, multigrain toast, any one fruit, a glass of juice or idlis. Immediately after a workout, I take in protein in the form of egg whites, a banana or a protein bar.

Lunch: Brown rice, fish, chicken, lots of veggies, salads and dal or sprouts. I have chapatis only if they are made from jowar or bajra. I eat very little oil or salt.

Dinner: I eat early, by 7 or 7.30 pm. It’s always light and consists of grilled salmon, steamed veggies and soup.

Green Tea: I sip green tea throughout the day. I don’t drink regular tea or coffee, and have lots of coconut water and vegetable juices, especially during work.

Sweet Tooth: I don’t have a sweet tooth but indulge in tea-cakes like banana or walnut cake, or a bit of palm jaggery once in a while.

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