Oct 112011

They perform various kinds of stunts, dance gymnastics. When one hears the name of own country while cheering the whole nation stood by them. For that many celebrities has also worked as cheerleaders to feel the pressure of playing for own nation. It includes:

1. Halle Berry was cheerleader for the Bedford High Bearcats in Bedford, Ohio.

2. Cameron Diaz was a cheerleader at Long Beach Polytechnic High in Long Beach, California.
3. Mandy Moore The singer and actress Amanda Leigh Moore was once a cheerleader in Pop Warner, a youth football and cheerleading organization in the United States. She was a cheerleader for five years.
4. Madonna was a cheerleader at the University of Michigan
5. Paula Abdul was also head cheerleader, and went on to become a cheerleader for the L.A. Lakers basketball team. She also worked on the choreography for the team’s routines.

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