Sep 242011

"Beautiful Aishwarya Rai and Her Eyes"Here are 5 most beautiful bollywood actresses with most beautiful eyes. These women have great and amazing eyes.

Aishwarya Rai: Perfect is the right word to describe the hazel eyes of this mesmerizing beauty queen. Ash’s incredible beauty lies in her eyes. She seems to absorb the whole world in her deep, sparkling eyes. Ash, you are one of a kind, and so are your eyes!

Bipasha Basu: Naughty, sexy, intriguing…Bengali beauty Bipasha is the proud owner of the sexiest eyes in Bollywood. Bip’s dark beguiling eyes shielded by her lush eyelashes can be compared to a deep sea. We won’t be surprised if men would want to look deep into her eyes.

Deepika Padukone: Now, dating Siddharth Mallya bollywood’s adorable new gen star has got a pair of big reflective eyes brimming with joy.

Rekha: Enchantress, enduring seductress… Rekha has many labels for her beauty. Just one look at her deep black eyes and you’ll be lost in their charm. She has the most tantalising eyes which always seem to emanate a deep sense of longing.

Madhuri Dixit Madhuri may not have the perfect eyes, but when it comes to sensuality, nobody could beat her! Her big dark eyes reveal deep thoughts. They effortlessly reflect every emotion – pain, joy, anger, longing… something an artist would love to portray.

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