Oct 142011

Actor of the movie ‘Deshdrohi’ Kamaal Khan demanded jail term for AR Rahman for Common Wealth Games. He also accused AR Rahman of involving in scam for CWG song.

"kamaal r khan known as KRK in Deshsrohi"

Famous musicial charged 5 crore for the CWG song and KRK tweeted, “AR Rahman should be in jail with kalmadi if he has charged 5cr for cwg song. It’s a clear ghotala like any other ghotala in the country.”

"Kamaal R Khan on Twitter"

He also said, “AR Rahman has made worst song of CWG and even the music of ‘Rockstar’ is crap.”

“I say from my heart tat music of Rockstar is bakwaas wahiyat with wahiyat words. Only hype will not help. Public needs munni n sheela music.”

“What is great in sada huq ihtey rakh. For me so stupid words n bakwas tune. I have not hear any good song of Rockstar till date.”

He further added, “Music of Ra one is 100 time better than Rockstar this is what I can say. Rahman was great but Pritam n Vishal Shekhar are great today.”

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  14 Responses to “AR Rahman should be in jail with Kalmadi: KRK”

  1. Mr.KRK be careful with ua tongue…der is always gud tym nd bad tym for every body….som times others may exceed rahman..it happens..for that u neednot critisize him…when rahman was at his best he won 2 oscars for india….who else at their best won those accolades for india..ua pritam and vishal…are gud no doubt ,praise them…bt ur criticizing rahman is not gud…btw…think of ua self wat great thing u achieved at world stage…to be eligible to criticize him..from kashmir to kanyakumari…every one vied to work with rahman… dont forget that…dont play cheap tricks for publicity…

  2. KRK is an absurd in his asking…acting…anything

  3. krk is father of rakhi sawant…saala DESH DHROHI…..
    me yaha public me gaali likh nahi sakta…varna …****** ************** **** ****** *******
    saaala c**tiya hamari jaban kharab karta he…
    If u need to get Publicity in INDIA better talk BAD about Sachin or Rahman to media……

  4. One cant blame others for their own failure!! Especially comparision with a great Legend!! His words doesnt make a sense at all… The person who doesnt know the ‘M’ of music talks all these craps!! The person who is a failure talks more abt great things…
    ARR will be remembered by many people not only in India but in Abroad also..
    But who s gonna remember this guy…
    When i heard the headlines for the 1st time, I was just thinking “who is Kammal Khan”
    Talks all nonsense about one National Award winner.. He proved himself a DESHDROHI!!!

  5. What does this guy actually mean by trying to say that the music of rockstar is crap!!…I’m really wondering now…if this KRK guy has ears in the FIRST PLACE!!…Something is really wrong with him..it’s so evident that krk is mixing with the wrong company of people…n thats why he is speaking trash of a good human being like ARR Sir…who has been n will be an inspiration to many of us…TRUE LEGENDS like ARR will live on…ARR Sir will continue soaring into greater heights..n people like krk will continue cruising in their comfort zone,doing nothing..by the way, who is KRK?…I’ve never heard about him …ARR…yes I know. We are blessed to be living in the same era as ARR sir- the Living Legend…May God bless ARR sir abundantly and continue to prosper all the works of his hands. The Divine Favor, Grace and Love of God is upon ARR sir all the days of his life..nothing…-absolutely nothing (including stupid remarks by krk) will ever shake him..ARR sir is like an eagle that soars high in the midst of storms..he does NOT wobble like a Turkey on ground..that makes all the difference!..Jai Ho ARR SIR! WE LOVE YOU…Lots of love, heaps of love from Malaysia…:)))

  6. hahahahahahahahaha
    this guy must be send to jail for torturing people through his films….

  7. You worthless piece of shit…!!! try stop barking at legends to get cheap publicity…..


  9. KRK is a Mot…r Fu..ker.. he knows nothing of music… u M.F..ker dont comment on ARR’s music.. i dont want any f..cking review from ur bad shit mouth..
    KRK tere.. garh me lath..

  10. JUST F**K OFF U BAA******D..

  11. get dat basted…..should be beaten….in public place so that he gets to know …….how is bad to blame smbn………deepak

  12. Dey Idiot Baaad ..shut ur mouth Mother Fu*****

  13. Kamaal khan pagal ho gye ho kya kabi arr ka music suna he dhyan se, kunfaya, aur ho, nadan parinde, tumho, was 2good songs.. And rahman ki composition.. Uniqe hoti ho jo har koi kya samjhega.. Tamil and hindi me itne altimate songs he ki 2 4 din tak lagatar suno toh bhi khatam na ho…

  14. kaun hai bhai ye krk

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