Sep 222011

Almost forgotten actress after her role in the movie ‘Train’, Sayali Bhagat is very eager to wear bikini and expose her hot body. She thinks she has better body than Mallika Sherawat and Jacqueline Fernandez.

On being asked about her bold avatar, Sayali Bhagat said, “If I wear bikini no one can stand before me as I’ve great figure with good height.

"Sayali Bhagat in Hot and Sexy Bikini"

“If I had done Murder movies, I would definitely have got more popularity than Mallika and Jacqueline.”

“The body which I’ve been gifted by God is just superb. The good height only adds fuel to the fire,” said Sayali who was in bit funny mood.

Sayali’s sudden u-turn towards bold and hot avatars is not a big surprise as she doesn’t have big banners these days and we know many hotties agree to turn bold to bag more movies.

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  2 Responses to “Give me bikini role, I’ll show you who is real hottie of Bollywood: Sayali Bhagat”

  1. You are super sexy………….

  2. she has really great curves and charms..

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