Feb 082012

Hrithik Roshan has developed huge body for his next movie ‘Krrish 2’. After getting snubbed from father, Hrithik decided to completely change his looks for his new movie. He is actually looking good, huge, dashing and muscular.

"Hrithik Roshan Exercising for Krrish 2, New Looks, Great Body"

WOW ! Those huge Biceps....


"Hrithik Roshan's New Looks and Huge Body for Krrish 2, Biceps, Triceps, Abs.Chest"

He is truly the Indian Stallone

"Hrithik Roshan's New and Muscular Body for Krrish 2, Back, Waist, Biceps,Exercise"

Just look at that Waist

"Hrithik Roshan's New Look for Krrish 2, Exercising, Great Body"

Hrithik will rock in his next


"Hrithik Roshan's New Look for Krrish 2 with his coach and other trainers"

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  16 Responses to “Hrithik Roshan develops great body for Krrish 2”

  1. Awesome man…..

  2. hrithik areyou very nice body sir thanks

  3. kdum rapich body…………………………………………..

  4. Well done…!

  5. man wat a body, please upload your krish 2 work outs onto youtube…..i hope you will consider this request……………….


  6. Mast body hai. i like u

  7. you come back

  8. mai bhi bnaunga par kisi ko nhi chmkaunga

  9. he is looking great

  10. hritik is great actore.looking good and have great body for krissh….

  11. good body

  12. all the best for your upcoming film krrish2 hope it becomes the supperhit film in the bwood

  13. ab body dikhi h bhaut dhasu h kept up

  14. Hritik sir , to good looking ,to good personality ,mind bowling dancer ,awsom acting,one new add gajab ki body hai …or bhi kuch baki hai kya .. Aapke to sabhi fan hai usi me se mai ek chota sa aci hu meri ek dream hai ki mai aapke liye gaau jipe aap dance kare …
    Tusi great ho ..love u ..

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