Nov 142011

Pop star Lady Gaga, who recently visited India to perform on the closing day of the inaugural Grand Prix, is reportedly planning to adopt three kids from an orphanage.

"Singer Lady Gaga with her friend Philip Treacy"

The 25-year-old has told her friends that she wants to follow Angelina Jolie’s lead by adopting children from around the world, reported Daily Star. “She’s always wanted to adopt, ever since she was a little girl. She tells friends she feels she was put on this planet for a reason and since achieving fame she sees it as a sign that she has to give back the good fortune that she’s received.” a source said.

“She’s not being one of those celebrities who get sucked into third world adoptions only to forget about her own country,” source added.

It would be interesting to see Lady Gaga adopting kids from India. So guys, get ready for that.

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