Aug 202011
"Mahesh Bhatt kissing Pooja for Stardust Magazine Cover Shoot"

Mahesh Bhatt kissing his own daughter for the magazine

This Bollywood director and producer has really been the man of controversies. He crossed all the limits when he lip-locked his own daughter Pooja Bhatt for Stardust magazine. He also had an affair with Praveen Babi but married other women.

Even going one step further he saidIf Pooja wasn’t my daughter, I’d love to marry her.” 

He has married two women Kiran Bhatt and Soni Razdan, but his affair with Praveen Babi has always been in the news.

The actresses of Mahesh Bhatt have earned bad names also after signing his films. The life of Meera in Pakistan has become hell after working with Mahesh because Bhatt ji somehow persuaded her to do bold and steamy scenes with Ashmit Patel. Even Meera later accused Mahesh Bhatt for abusing and slapping her.

Many people have also filed many complaints against the film-maker for making very bold and steamy films.

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  11 Responses to “Mahesh Bhatt has been the man of controversies”

  1. Dear Readers,
    Its pathetic and sickening to know about this Mahesh Bhatt. I feel that everyone should ignore this lunatic rather than giving importance to his way of life. The less said the better about this Mahesh Bhatt. Why spoil your mind over this lunatic? Forget him and ignore him, he likes to be in the limelight and uses his stupid mind to impress others. from his remarks about his daughter, given an opportunity he may marry his mother had his father had not told him who his mother is..its sad about this man, and its very sad that he belongs to the film industry where the young men and women of India can be influenced by his movies.But for the Censor Board he would have gone to extent of corrupting the young Indian minds with his lunatic views.

  2. Dear all,
    I totally agree with mr. dinesh menon’s comments. mahesh bhatt and poojabhatt are in incest relationship , as this is very clear from his saying.

  3. Its okay guys…..its normal to react to a beautiful girl…..He is her father and its okay and if his daughter is okay with that……than why do you guys have any problem…..wouldn’t you react to a beautiful girl……I mean common guys its okay we are today’s generation….

  4. Akshay-Pagal hai kya be gadhe?Tu aj ki generation hai to ja naa aur apne ma ki …….

  5. Batman says right

  6. His real name is Afzal Khan. He is a Muslim and what he said and what he does is in perfect agreement with the philosophy of Islam. Muslim prophets and others have been doing the same for last 1400 years. Forcing sex on minors, cousins, daughters, sisters, daughters-in-law nieces, etc is common in Islam. So accept the fact that

  7. kamal saini ji aap jaante hi kya hai islam ke baare main aur main aapse bet laga sakta huin ke aap khud apne hinduism ke baare main nahin jaante aur jab kisi baat ki jaankari kam ho tou zara soch samajh kar comment kiya kare.aap logo ki problem hi yehi hai ke bina soche samjhe jo andaza lage woh bol do islam ke baare main meri aapse guzarish hai pehle kisi baat ko aqal se samjhe aur phir baat kare pehle zara islam ko samajhiye phir comment kijiye kyonki aap jaise soch rakhne waale log hi is desh ke dushman hai.

  8. plz guys no comments on religion,,,

  9. Dekho mahesh bhatt aur pooja bhatt ke COPIED fis chalte nahi isliye ye sab karte he, may janta ho ki photo bohat purani he par listen FACT aur OPINION me difference samjho mera opinion me akshay aur kamal dash ke dash he.

  10. Well said Nadeem,
    We need to talk abt Individuals and and not the caste or religion they belong to,
    60 years, but still fighting on Hinduism and Islam, grow up people the colour of blood is red after all.

  11. Islam ke tehed koi admi apne ma,ma k pet se nikli hui behen,apni beti, ye tin ko chod k kisi vi larki ke sath shadi kar sakte hain. Jitni marzi utni shadi kar sakte hai,lekin saare biwi wo ko ek hi tarike se rakhna hoga,sari biwi wo ko ek jaisa khushi dena parega.
    Jaankari lene ke bad likh raha hu ye sab..

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