Sep 152011

The hot cleavage girl has exposed once again for India’s last match against England. Hoping, India would do miracle this time to win after seeing her sexy assets. She also said, “I want to reveal everything for Indian time. Hope, boys read my tweets and will take encouragement after seeing my pics. If they win, they are definitely gonna see the pic of a life time.

Poonam Pandey has exposed earlier as well and still trying hard to reveal for the sake Indian Cricket team.

"Poonam Pandey Hot Cleavage Breasts"

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  One Response to “Poonam Pandey exposes once again for India’s last ODI Match in England”

  1. I dont belv on her and on her statements bcz this is just a rule to gain popularity and thats what she is doing by making her these “Expose” Revelations..One must not consider

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