Jul 292011

It has been proved once again that our media channels won’t let any celebrity relax. This time, Sanjay Dutt was so fed-up with all the media channels at his gate and forced to use abusive language on camera. I don’t think, Sanju did anything wrong.

If someone is irritating you all the time and don’t let you enjoy your personal moments, you will be fed-up as well. But, Zoom TV created this video below with masala, just for better TRPs. See this strange fabricated story by media.

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  One Response to “Poor Media forced Sanjay Dutt to use abusive language at Manyata’s birthday on camera”

  1. Sunjey dutt is a good acter as am his funny guy, real am from Somalia and Sanjey’s my
    best friends I have among the actors in the Bollywood.

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