Oct 312011

Shahid Kapoor has just travelled halfway across the world, bagpacking to Europe the minute he learned that good friend Bipasha Basu was shooting there. Shahid a few days earlier have tweeted sayingOff for a 10-day break with the boyz to europe my 1st real holiday in 5 yrs I think ….. The idea is to completely loooooose it!”

"Shahid Kapoor kissing Hot Bipasha Basu"

A source said, “Bipasha was invited to the Mausam premiere and they were seen spending a long time chatting up even after the film was over. They are definitely trying to work this outSo on this trip, Shahid apparently has made sure he catches up with Bips and spends quality time with her to sort out differences.

For now, we don’t know where the Sasha-Bips love story is headed, but love might just blossom in the gorgeous valleys of Greece.

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