Jul 182011

"Hot Figure and Body Curves of Murder 2 Sulagna Panigrahi"

Sulagna Panigrahi, the sexy villainess of ‘Murder 2’, is truly the hottest new female of bollywood. Her face and body curves are just awesome. She looks very cute as well as damn hot.

The Reshma from Murder 2 belongs to Orissa. As a debutante she played the lead role in the serial Amber Dhara as Dhara, and went on to play the principal character in Do Saheliyaan. She further did a grey role as Sakshi Rajvansh in Bidaai. In the movie, she plays the role of a poor college student, in need for money to survive her family chooses to become a part-time prostitute, who falls victim to a psychopathic serial killer.

She is definitely in the race to win the most talented and hottest new comer of 2011.

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