Aug 262011

Get ready for some of the hottest scenes of Vidya Balan. Playing Silk Smitha in “Dirty Picture”, she has revealed too much. According to the sources, she also has multiple kissing scenes with her co-stars including Emraan Hashmi, Naseerudin Shah and Tushaar Kapoor.

The biopic of screen sensation Silk Smitha: Directed by Milan Luthria, the film chronicles the romantic journey of the erstwhile screen sensation, Silk Smitha. Luthria believes the choice of Vidya Balan to portray Silk Smitha is a casting coup of sorts.

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  One Response to “Vidya Balan reveals too much as Silk Smitha in “Dirty Picture””

  1. vidya not expose full like a south queen silk smitha in this movie shes not fit for this movie coz shes always not expose much, that is why she cant get any response in this movie. silk smitha always show her sexy bare legs and thigh in her most movies. but vidya not show her legs and thigh.

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