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Files: A  file is a collection of data which we have been written in our computer. These data can be converted into a picture, a sound, text, or a set of instructions for a program to perform certain actions.  We can identify file by files’s Icon or its file extension.

There are some file extension which help the user to identify the file type.

1.  .bmp – a bitmap image

2.  .doc – a word document

3.  .ppt – animated slides

4.  .dbf – a database file

5.  .txt – plain text

6.  .xls – a spreadsheet

7.  .wav – a sound file

8.  .exe – an application (a program)

9.  in which file you see any arrow that’s mean it a shortcut of any program or file.

By default windows won’t display its file extension. To view all file extensions click on Tools on the menu bar, and go to display all file extensions, un-tick the hide file extensions for know file type box.

Folders:  A folders are containers for anything on a computer including files and other folders.

 Moving and Copying


To move a file or folder, either right click on its icon Or left click on the Edit option on the toolbar. Choose cut to move or copy to copy.

and short key for

cut=  ctrl+x

copy= ctrl + C

past= ctrl +V

when an attempt is made to move an item between volumes, it is effectively copied, and the original remains.

Creating Files and Folders

This is easy

Simply right – click on some empty space in any suitable folder or the desktop and choose to create a new object form the choices offered.

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