Nov 122012

Hello Sir

The capital may go on high alert if there is an avian flu pandemic threat, but little action has been taken till date against the large number of illegal meat shops and Buchar Khana in C Block Madipur JJ Colony New Delhi-110063.

I would like to raise a concern for an illegally pig meat shop on C Block Road Madipur JJ Colony in residential area. These shops are in running on the road without having licence and it causes nuisance to people residing in the nearby area.

Illegal meat shops located on busy roads of the state capital not only pose health hazards to people but also pose danger to commuters as stray dogs gather near these shops feasting on meat wastes dumped in drains or even roadside often resulting in road accidents.


The MCD has initiated an action against unauthorized meat shops. Norms stipulated for obtaining meat shop licenses includes proper concrete room space, ventilation in shops, good hygienic condition, fresh meat, low bacterial count of the table surface where meat is trimmed and processed and proper waste disposal system with valid shop. But they have not at all. We are surprised that how they are running the shop without shop & without licence but they doing in front of our MCD department. But the illegal and unlicensed shops operate with impunity without apprehending any penal action.

I had filed many complaints regarding the same issues but there is no action taken against them. Number complaints no. are hereunder below for your ready references.

G No. Generated Successfully : 91013550075, 91013550076, 91013550080, 91113550092, 91119955164, 9111355011091119955170, 91113550123, 9111355013091119955180, 91113550131, 91119955193

91113550145, 91119955214, 91113550170  91119955262


I would like to request you to take stern action against them and seal their shops with Bucher Khana.


1. Illegally opened shop in residential area.
2.Causes nuisance because it is on high traffic lane.
3.Causes massive sound of animal killing early in morning every day.
4. Huge traffic jam is there because of Vehicles Park outside the shop.
5. In open to selling the pig meat without fear of Law and order.

6. Shop owner is a stubborn and disgusting person and he does not listen to public. Lots of people have asked him to move his shop but he does not listen.

7. They are farming pig in the area & sheltering on the road.

8. Life is going hell in this area.
9. Many Health issues to come due to these shops like, swine flu diseases, fresh air issues, bad smell etc.

10. These shops because all sever is jammed by blood of animal & road is very dirty with wasted of meat & blood also and the other religion worker is very harassed.

11. Copy of photograph is attached for your perusal & early action.
12. They all drink wine and eat meat standing there and they pass the comments to girls and other women.

13. It is situated in the common passage area and it has become impossible for us to pass the way due to heavy smell and a bad crowd always gathers there in the evening time.

14. If they continue this illegal activity and frying meat openly at public place then a time will be near when crime graph will be on the top of its height. We all residents are irritated by him.

15. We have good societies nearby area, but these shops create problems for all. Like College Bharati Vidhyapeedh, Balaji Hospital.

16. We pray to you make to us peaceful environment of our peaceful life.

17. We request you to kindly take serious action against such activities as this is our final complaint further we would take help to understand through Right to Information.

And it is further requested not to allow such meat shops to open in the residential area at the same address.


Hope you will take proper action against these shops.

Their address:

C Block Madipur, JJ Colony,

New Delhi-110063

Mr Joginder Singh


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