Jun 182011

"Moti Nagar Red Light Neat Moments Mall"

This pic. again tells us that our capital Delhi is full of potholes which are very dangerous for commuters.

Left turn towards Punjabi Bagh from Moti Nagar main Red light is dangerous and the road is full of potholes there. Moreover, these potholes are in front of MCD office.

In fact, Moti Nagar Red light from all around is full of potholes.

MCD is being paid huge money via taxes still this MCD department is very slow in repairing the roads. We Delhiites are not provided with the basic facilities and the Govt. is talking to make a capital the next generation city.

Hundreds of people face problem due to this mess. Please MCD get up from your sleep or you will have to face consequences in the next civic poles.

This area lies under MP Ajay Maken, MLA Subhash Sachdeva and MCD Councillor Ved Prakash Gupta and they are requested to take some quick action.


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