Jun 182011

Municipal Corporation of Delhi is one of the most corrupt departments of India. It has done nothing special except earning lot of money.

MCD announced to be more strict against property tax defaulters and the shopkeepers who don’t pay conversion charges for their shops. The department said, “They would start sealing the shops which are not paying conversion charges and auction the homes of property tax defaulters.”

Though MCD hasn’t done much for Delhi itself still they wanna impose heavy penalties on others. Have you ever noticed the cleanliness, roads, sewerage system, hawkers in Delhi carefully ? If you have……then you must know that MCD is the other name of “Maha Corrupt Department” which have done nothing in Delhi except looting people.

People would only like to pay when they see that MCD is investing their hard-earned money for the development not for filling its employees bank accounts.

Before sealing shops, why doesn’t MCD take action against those corrupt people who allowed shopkeepers for encroachment ?

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