Jul 272011

Recently, I experienced hell by visiting Delhi’s Transport Authority in Shekh Sarai. This transport building is so dirty and mismanaged that you will be shocked to see. Transport Minister of Delhi ‘Arvinder Singh Lovely’ must do something to save people experiencing such a nightmare.

I bought a car 8 months ago and decided to get the car’s papers transferred myself without paying any bribe. Though Shekh Sarai is 15-20km away from my office, still I went there to get the work done honestly. Today, I finally got my RC by visiting there 5 times in 8 long months.

In India, no government department values your precious time and keep refusing your documents over minor things, but if you are willing to pay money your work will be done very quickly.

Shekh Sarai Transport Authority is just another very poorly maintained Government department. There were huge lines of people everywhere, they were sweating heavily as the fans were not working. But, the ACs given to the officers were working properly and they were enjoying the cool air. Every single thing was properly mismanaged.

I never forget to take my camera while visiting such nice places, so here are some pics from the beautiful department:

"The Beautiful and Well-Furnished Shekh Sarai's Transport Building"

The Beautiful and Well-Furnished Shekh Sarai's Transport Building

"Shekh Sarai Transport Authority Delhi Stairs"

OMG ! You would be dying to go up from these very clean stairs

"Shekh Sarai Transport Authority Exposed"

Don't be surprised if you find this while going up as they don't have dustbins.

"Poor Government Departments of India"

After going up, these uncountable mismanaged files would welcome you.

"Arvinder Singh Lovely's Transport Departmen"

Be ready to stand in long queues with no fan working, if you don't wanna pay bribe.

"Public Toilets of India"

This only public toilet in the authority is never opened, they even won't let you pee

"Poor Public Toilets of India MCD"

And, you wouldn't like to use this outside of the department

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  11 Responses to “Will you really call this the Transport Authority or piece of garbage ?”

  1. Mera Bharat Mahan

  2. Show it to our prime minister, and the great Indian Hope, Prince charming, Prime minister in waiting, Rahul Gandhi. Let them know what is happening right under their nose.Under his great aunt’s rule in Delhi. I think this should be published in a newspaper and bring it to the notice of the people of Delhi. They spend thousands of crores for CWG, and no toilet for an Aam Admi in the capital?

  3. U r very lucky bro…that at least u get it done in 5 visits and 8 months….come to punjab and i am sure u will never get it done

  4. this is in every government institution, even hospitals are very dirty,,,,,thats not new to an indian!

  5. Very Depressing State of Affairs (The Gov should have a ministry in the name) . I read some where ” anything tat is public stinks” and your photo journalism prove the point.

    Why not use Right to Information Act and post a letter to the concerned authority with the pictures. RTI act works , sometimes.

  6. Dear All,
    I am not surprised as I faced the same sort of nightmare in order to apply for my Driving Licence. I got the Form after 6 visits . Got my Learning Licence done after another 02 visits and finally got my License after 02 more Visits . So in a Nutshell ,It took me 10 Trips to Sheikh Sarai Authority,What could be done in 02 Visits .JUST BECAUSE I WAS GOING BY THE PROPER CHANNEL , Without going to any Touts.And The Shabby Pics of the Authority are for Real (UNFORTUNATELY ) .HOPE SOMEONE IS LISTENING ????????

  7. Good one dude! “never forget camera on such visits” 🙂

  8. This shows how our government works…pathetic…….i don’t know why they talk about GDP………..we face this on a daily basis manmohan sahaab,,,,,

  9. that is india shining for the congress led govt……
    considering this is the condition in the capital …. the condition in rest of the country would be pretty much dismal….god save the country from these corrupt congress leaders and their mai- baap….gandhi family…

  10. This page is the first of its kind which I saw…. Keep it up sir in hope of a cleaner society….

  11. I want to kill those bastards…specially the bald guy who wears spects and sits at counter # 3 (mr.sharma) son of a whore

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