Jun 182011

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Delhi MCD officials at West Zone say, let the MCD Commissioner Mr. Singhal speak who care about him, when asked about the statement which he gave last year, “MCD won’t tolerate the illegal hoardings and issue challan to the people responsible.”

Last week, I complained against the illegal hoardings of leaders, which are at Sudershan Park’s MCD Primary School, to the West Zone at this number 011-25422700 and took my reference no.6467. Today, I called them to enquire about my complaint status, and female official at West Zone who attended my call said, “This is normal issue, why are you getting serious?” When I reminded her about MCD’s Commissioner statement about the action against those people who put up illegal hoardings, she said, let him speak who care about him and cut down my phone. She also said, “If he made any promise, so it’s his fault.”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t know her name though I tried. If MCD’s own people are not willing to listen to their own commissioner then how can Delhiites expect helpful hand from MCD.


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  3 Responses to “MCD West Zone officials say, let the MCD Commissioner speak who care about him”

  1. what is South Mcd Commissioner office address, e-mail id,phone no.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I need mail id of concern department who can able to pick street Dog as lots of street DOGS idependantly harashing to all person and specially they vaxct to school child… So kindly take it up and arrange to kept thats STREET DOGS via Animal van..

    Area : A to B block Road, Das Garden Baprolla, ND 43

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Kalam mohd.
    A-14 Das Garden, Gali no.11, Baprolla, New Delhi 110043

  3. We resident of Manohar Nagar, Vikas Puri New Delhi-18, would like to complaint / bring to your notice that 1 mobile phone tower are installed at the roof at near to my home Manohar nagar area and two already installed there, We are posed with serious health threat and death due to brain tumour due to radiation from this tower and so are others nearby. It is a crowded area, very vulnerable and lots of children around. These are 1 tower at near roof top on this address WZ-66/5 Manohar Nagar Outer Ring Road Vikas Puri New Delhi-110018.
    All locality people are not agreeing for this installation, it’s illegal & unauthorised. They have not any permission from any department.
    We can die a very painful, premature death along with our close relatives due to this silent killer emitting harmful radiation on us 24 hrs and would go on till we die.

    This is injustice an example of utmost greed of this reckless owner, who is receiving some money every month to kill a lots of people as rent for these tower in residential area quite populated, indirectly causing harm to our health
    We would request you to take immediate action to remove these towers to protect us from this dreadful ordeal and loss of life.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Lalit Vats

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