Dec 022011

Every day the parliament gets adjourned, news channels and papers are full of discussion on FDI from headlines to last page , but one thing they won’t discuss is about the children fighting every night with cold waves in national capital for proper food, education and clothes, how to over come these problems ?

They are humans and belong to same species as we are, they feel hot , they feel cold, they realize , they cry , they feel hungry but why the politics and politicians don’t listen to them they are like us, will the 51% of FDI in any or the other way help these kids? or will they die as the stray dogs fighting cold response of humans? Non of us know about but who is going to take the responsibility?? our worthless discussion over FDI and dirty politics will give them shelter ? every subway, temples and traffic light witness kids begging  bare footed , without clothes ,food and shelter how long ill this last one will die and other will start the same if Govt keeps ignoring them.

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