Dec 082011

Yet another scam has thrilled the people of Delhi  where their own elected person in the MCD were caught on camera taking bribe for the illegal construction in Delhi.

The investigation exposes eight MCD councillors across political parties, who have demanded anywhere from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 10 lakh to regularise an illegal building.

It was the sting operation done by IBN and Cobra post to nail these corrupt officials who were responsible for death caused due to collapsing of buildings in Delhi .  After a lot of pressure exerted on the MCD officials the commissioner  have finally suspended 8 tainted counselors .

Out of these 8 Tianted counselors , 6 are of BJP and 2 are of congress . These were Subash Jain, Ajit Singh Tokas, Manju Gupta of   BJP & Jayshree Pawar,   Bina Thakuria of   congress. Some use middlemen like the DDA inspector PK Sharma.  The Delhi Congress and BJP have ordered and internal inquiry into this scam and have assured people that Law will take its action and no body will be spared .

At least 500 people have died in the last ten years in 50 building collapses across the national capital.

Corruption within the system is institutionalised. The builder- politician – lower bureaucracy nexus is very much alive and kicking. The fact that their nexus has killed 500 people in the last 10 years, simply doesn’t bother them.

With MCD having 272 counselors  with them and 8 exposed. So what about the others 264  left ?

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