Feb 052012

The Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI) has been set up by Dr.Subramanian Swamy, President of Janata Party, and its first meeting gathered large crowd. Malvankar Hall on Rafi Marg in New Delhi was completely packed still hundreds of people were waiting outside. There was large Media presence as well.

Baba Ramdev and Dr. Subramanian Swamy at ACACI Meeting

The Action Committee Against Corruption in India will focus on specific action against macro level corrupt acts especially in the criminal misconduct of high level public officials and the illegal money flow out of and into the country, including demanding its nationalization.

The ACACI will leverage the existing national and international laws and move internal and global institutions to discover and recover illegal funds deposited abroad in secret banking channels in about 77 countries. ACACI has been set up to fight corruption in the space left vacant by two major movements – Jan LokPal by Sri Anna Hazare and Bharat Swabhiman movement by Swami Ramdev ji, because it aims to fight corruption within the setup of existing laws and using existing legal recourse available to patriotic citizens. Dr. Swamy has proved this is possible by exposing the 2G scam which has rocked the ruling government as its prominent ministers are prime accused in the scam. Legal action on the participants of the scam is currently underway.

"Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Baba Ramdev  with Bharat Mata Pic at ACACI meeting"

Dr. Swamy and Baba Ramdev with Bharat Mata Pic.

Dr. Swamy and Baba Ramdev worshiped Bharat Mata’s pic then inaugurated ACACI.in together. Both Swamy and Ramdev urged people to fight against corruption together. “Corruption and Black Money are the major problems of India and these can only be fought if Indians get united and fight,” they said.

ACACI team consists Lawyers, Tax Experts, Ex-IPS Officers, Social Workers, Journalists, Economists and its key members are; K.N. Govindacharya,  S. Gurumurti, Ajit Dobhal, Prof. Madhav Das, Dr. R. Vaidnathan, A. Surya Prakash, Dr. S. Kalyanraman, V. Sundaram, M.R. Venkatesh, J Gopikrishna, K. Sampath, Sarju Roy, Abhishek Joshi.

BSKS President Tajinder Singh Bagga was also present with his full team to support this cause.

"Baba Ramdev speaking at the Inaugural Meeting of ACACI in Delhi"

Baba Ramdev speaking at the Inaugural Meeting of ACACI in Delhi

"Dr. Subramanian Swamy during his speech at ACACI's first meeting"

Dr. Subramanian Swamy during his speech at ACACI's first meeting

Large Crowd at ACACI's first meeting

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  1. “… the new political system can minimize eternal problems of autocracy such as corruption, infringement of therights and freeedom under the imperfect legislation. etc. They are solved by cross check of several competing parties within the multipolar government: the blunders of the contender raise chances of a survival in the power of other participants. The health-enhancing competition of political movements can benefit to all of society.”
    New multipolar political system

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