Feb 212012

Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena has approached Delhi Hight Court for seeking the ban on Shariah 4 Hind website. Its President Tajinder Bagga told NewsofDelhi.com that this site is quite offensive and it needs to be banned.

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga during one of his protests

“This site is against India and Hindu religion. The content of this site is very provocative and it can spark riots in the country,” Bagga told.

He also said, “BSKS will try its level best for getting the site banned.”

The hearing is tomorrow at Delhi High Court, 9:30 am.

What exactly BSKS demanding:

-:Ban Sharia For Hind Organization
-:Ban Sharia For Hind Rally/Press Conference/Meetings on March 2/3
-:Cancel the Visas of Anjem Choudhary & Other Organizers of the event
-:Issue an arrest warrant of individuals connected to this Organization.

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  4 Responses to “Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena filed PIL in Court to ban Shariah 4 Hind”

  1. it needs to be banned. i read its content , n its full of hatred for other religion. i don’t understand why these so-called pandits, mullahs, fathers etc keep on insisting people to accept their dharma and leave the other one ( forcibly ). it’s ridiculous !! when these so-called priests of diff diff religions know that GOD IS ONE, then how can they force ( directly or indirectly ) others to follow any particular path??? its totally up to the soul to accept any path and go back to god, n its NOT AT ALL the responsibility of idiot mullahs, pandits etc.
    and as far as INDIA is concerned, IT WILL REMAIN A SECULAR NATION.

  2. @Giitu…

    Did u head of any case where pandits forced the people to accept hindu dharma.
    I havent seen sofar any such cases. Even i havent saw any such cases with sikh,buddhist, jain. But there are some religions who always force others to convert.Pity on those scholars, those who do not understand humanity and universal brother hood.


  3. surprisingly no muslim friends of mine have voiced against it…mounam sammati laxanam….

  4. @hari

    hmm. i guess u r right. i apologize !! but i hate discrimination among religions. and unfortunately priests of every religion are involved. probably i might have used ”pandits” for the same. anyways, i apologize gain ( only on the basis that hindu pandits don’t force others to follow our religion ) !!!

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