Nov 302011

Tajinder Singh Bagga’s Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena is gearing up to give warm welcome to ‘WallMart’. President Tajinder Bagga criticized FDI and said that it would affect more than 20 crore people.

Bagga also announced that he will support Indian businessmen against FDI. See this pic for full press release:

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  3 Responses to “Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena prepares to give WallMart ‘a warm welcome’”

  1. pagal hai be saal* tu..
    tere jaise 20 saal pehle kuch mawwali internet ka virodh kiya tha..
    soch le ek baar, internet nahi hota to gu gaon ka gunda hi reh jata..
    FDI ka virodh ek hi category karta hai, woh sab dall*, jo kisano se Rs 5 me kharidke Rs 20 me bechta hai..
    tu usi dall* logon ke taraf se baat kar raha hai na??

  2. vivak mansik bimar iski bat par dhayn na dena aap apna kam karte rahiye.humlog aapke sath hain

  3. now many would say Sachin (its my name not tendulkar OK), China has also allowed 100 % FDI in retail and nothing bad happened to their local businessmen . Well friends that is China which support its businessmen by dumping policy and by keeping their currency devaluated. Can we expect our it from super five of our country politics 1.sonia 2 rahul 3 chidambram 3 diggvijay 4 pranab 5 kapil sibbal….noooooooooo..neverrrrrrr…

    NOW WHAT IS THE SOLUTION:- Guys we should make our retail sector more organized , giving lone at low interest rate to local businessmen to promote them.
    production , transport and selling should be organized by govt. food parks should be made where farmers can deal directly, support export policy should be made by govt…start buys indian products they will get funds, quality will increase so export will increase….nd one day there will be some indian version of wall mart 😀

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