Aug 212011

"Ramlila Ground Dirty MCD"Delhiites were already angry with MCD’s poor show in Delhi. Mismanagement of roads and cleanliness had tarnished their image badly. Again, they have missed one more golden opportunity to gain lost reputation which have left people angry and disappointed.

Though MCD’s income has doubled but they are not willing to spend on Delhi’s development. Even the BJP top leaders have vowed to give full support to Anna’s movement against corruption, but I think their support would only be in press statements. If they were really so serious, they should have shown at Ramlila ground.

People are falling sick due to the poor management by MCD and DJB. DJB’s water is also contaminated and people having physical problems after having it. It seems Sheila Dixit is hand and gloves with MCD.

BJP’s poor show has always confused people that’s why Delhiites were forced to elect Sheila Dixit last time though they were not very happy with her. Sheila Dixit won because people didn’t want to elect VK Malhotra. But, BJP doesn’t seem to learn lessons from the mistakes done by them.

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