Mar 022016

British Council VS Pep Talk

Hello Readers, I have been to all the so called top English and Public Speaking institutes of Delhi. Be it British Council, Inlingua, Bafel etc. I know that many of you want to know which is better, so here comes my candid review.

I am going to share with you the experience I had with British Council as well as with Pep Talk Public Speaking. I always wanted to become a fluent and confident English speaker So I decided to take admission in British couscil, thinking its located in the central hub of Delhi , ambience is good, library is amazing & Spacious . The day I visited British Council, I was asked to appear for a English level Test which could help them to place me in a batch as per my level and I got to know that my trainer would be a native English Speaker from Uk which made me love British council more, however after admission I didn’t get what i signed up for. After 2 months of training I didn’t see any Improvement in me, the reason being I wasn’t corrected and provided valuable feedback. It didn’t help me much in confidence building and fluency because it was more about student to student interaction rather than getting chance to speak in front of students.

But the day I joined Pep Talk Public Speaking at Rajouri Garden, it changed my life , I saw a drastic change in my speaking skills which was totally unexpected. First, I wasnt sure if i should join this institute because I wasn’t willing to waste my time and money again. But I thought of giving it a shot after talking to RockSaggoo Sir. After admission they started with Induction where my english level was checked by talking to one of the trainers. She made be feel comfortable and asked my requirements & expectations. On my first day of class I was little nervous because felt students are better than me and I am no good. So i went to Khush madam who is one of the trainers and shared my problem with her. Believe me you will never find such kind of trainers. I got the chance to speak in front of students and trainers & I was corrected the same time, not only that I was given few individual as well as extra classes by other trainers. I got to know that I have difficulty not in sentence construction and confidence but I am also lacking in delivery part and the body language. After completition of 4 months course I could see myself as more refined ,confident person and spontaneous person.

My conclusion is Don’t judge a book by its cover. Do a research first rather then taking decision in haste, because time is valuable and so does money. – Sonam from Dwarka

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  2 Responses to “British Council vs Pep Talk”

  1. Which is best peptalk or wabtalk

  2. Of course….Pep Talk India

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