Feb 272012

Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena President ‘ Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga’ wrote the letter to Delhi Police Commissioner and claimed that Shariah 4 Hind websites is still visible in some areas and hatred content is quite visible.

BSKS also demanded the ban on Anjem Choudary’s websites and wrote to the Commissioner that it should also be banned for maintaining peace in India.

Below is the text of the letter which was sent to the Delhi Police Commissioner:

New Delhi
Dated: 25/2/2012
The Commissioner
Delhi Police
MSO Building
New Delhi-110002
Subject: In continuation of earlier representation regarding public rally by Extreme
Islamic Group Shariah4hind/ Shariah For Hind scheduled for 2nd and 3rd
March 2012
This is to inform you that vide Order dated 22/2/2012 Hon’ble Delhi High Court
has passed Order directing your goodself to treat the Writ Petition (C) No. 1051/2012 as
the representation of petitioner (belowsigned). The uncertified copy of said Order is
annexed herewith.
It appears that the said website www.shariah4hind.com has been blocked by your
office or by concerned authorities, but I wish to bring it to your notice that the said
website is still functioning in some areas of Delhi and also in India. Kindly look into the
matter, as despite your best sincere efforts to block the website, the website is still
functioning and accessible.
The said website is still functioning and the latest post on the said website states
like this:
“Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah) the Shariah4Hind project will continue
unhindered until sovereignty and supremacy is returned to Allah and the authority is for
the Muslims alone. We would like to make it clear that Muslims do not obey any manmade law and thus any attempt to silence calls for the Shariah, whether by bannings or
court hearings will never be successful”
And alongwith the said post a video has been posted by Anjem Choudary where
similar claims have been made. Following is the internet link of said video:
It is further to bring into your notice that apart from the above said website, there
is another website,  www.anjemchoudary.com which is apparently launched by Anjem
Choudary to replace the blocked website www.shariah4hind.com

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