Dec 112011


The Bhagat Singh Kranthi Sena president Bagga tweeted : Join Anna Hazare at Jantar Mantar for a Maha Debate with Political Parties.
Come out in large numbers to show your support.

The same organisation was responsible for the attack on Prashanth Bhushan. On this issue Bagga said “Supporting to Shri Anna Hazare & Janlokpal doesn’t means we are supporting to Prashant bhushan,Medha Patekar & Sandeep Pandey.We are still against anti nationals,traitors & the peoples those who are trying to divide the nation.But in the fight against corruption,We support all Shri Anna Hazare,Baba Ramdev & Dr Subramanian swamy.”

Tajjinder Bagga and his sena are busy protesting these days. Last day they were arrested for trying to do a GandhiGiri on Kapil Sibal, ie they were arrested and later released on bail for attempting to give Red Roses to the telecom minister.

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