Jun 182011

These boys to be engineers, but not getting enough money from their parents, their dreams shatters. So they got an idea to become rich early by burgling ATM. And for this they took the help of videos on YouTube about robbery and tried their luck after that.

Hardik Shrivastava and Chanchal Gupta, both 19 years old, were nabbed by a police patrol team while they were hiding behind the bushes, waiting for daybreak to renew their mission. The boys broke down under interrogation and now they are languishing behind bars, their dreams gone bust.

They were armed to the teeth with drill machines and hammers, all tools that YouTube taught them for a break-in. The duo wielded their machines like engineers already, but chickened out in the last minute.

But they were not caught in the act, but while taking cover in the dark.

When the police rushed to the ATM, they found that the duo had nearly done it. The CCTV cameras had been dislodged, the machine top cover broken, but the vault was drilled into, but was still holding out.

They all came from modest family backgrounds. Hardik is a resident of Janta Flats in Hari Nagar while Chanchal is from Bindapur. The two had recently finished their schooling and one of them even sat for the AIEEE entrance exam. Hardik’s father had died a few years ago and his mother is a teacher. Chanchal’s father was an auto-driver and did not earn much.

Police said the boys surveyed the Janakpuri A-3 market area and found that there was no guard at the Indian Bank ATM. Hardik took his grandmother’s ATM card to gain entry and then began the night-long operation. But their plan went awry and now they are cooling their heels behind bars.


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