Jun 182011

Delhi Government public grievance redressal online system to lodge complaints not working. It was introduced by none other than Chief Minister of Delhi ‘Shiela Dixit’, but it has not been working for many many days and showing 404 error, as you can see in the screenshot. Click here for the letter by Mrs. Sheila Dixit to Delhiites.

Is this the support online provided by Delhi Government? 15 days ago, I had to submit my complaint, but it didn’t work then I thought I would revisit the site. And now, I visited it few minutes ago, and it still showed the same error. Is no one maintaining this site or they don’t want any more complaints?

Please solve this problem quickly Mrs.Sheila Dixit !


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  One Response to “Delhi Government Public Grievance Redressal Online System Not Working for Many Days”

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    rajeshwar dayal

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