Mar 132012

Delhi Metro – the lifeline of daily commuters to almost everywhere in Delhi-NCR – has been known to behave erratically. But till now it was all about wrong station announcements, like when you reach Noida City Center you might hear that ‘The next station is Dwarka Sec-9′ sorts. Nothing worse than that.

Now though, it’s a different story.

When you board the Blue Line from Kirti Nagar station, be doubly sure and check if you board the correct train. Many times the board there suggests that the metro coming is to Noida City Center, but actually it is for Vaishali. Commuters have been misled, and boarded the wrong train many-a-times. There’s no knowing if you boarded the wrong metro until you hear the announcements just before reaching Yamuna Bank Metro Station.

Also, since the day Blue Line has been forked to Noida City Center and Vaishali, there has been consistency of alternate metro trains to each end point, until recently.

The tweet below show what happened one morning at Janak Puri West Metro Station:

At a peak timing of around 8:18 a.m they somehow decided to run 2 consecutive metro trains towards Vaishali. Well there must a reason behind this I guess.


Within same week another moody behaviour by metro:

I doubt it is supposed to do that in any circumstance!
It’s not a bus which need not stop at a station when there is no one planning to deboard it there.

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