Aug 232012

A Candle light vigil is being organised at jantar mantar in new delhi on 15’th July 2012. Timings are 6:30 to 7:30 pm.This vigil is being organized by the facebook group SaveCgm. Its an organization of more than 1 lakh supporters of the TV Show Chandragupta Maurya.This was an epic historical show about one of the greatest Raj Guru in indian history chanakya and one of the greatest kings in indian history Chandragupta Maurya. This show inspired lakhs of indians and used to be telecast on imagine tv which abruptly shutdown in april this year.Fans immediately got together and made the facebook group SaveCgm and a website named now want that this serial be resumed.Sony TV are ready to adopt this show however the Imagine Tv owners Turners Broadcasting have not given an NOC to the production house Sagar arts resulting in an impasee.Fans are deeply hurt and demanding that good historical shows like Chandragupta Maurya which connect them with our glorious past should not be closed down like this.They are holding a candle light vigil at the historic jantar mantar to draw attention to this cause.Fans appeal to turners broadcasting that its not fair to hold the NOC in complete disregard to the wishes of lakhs of indian fans and thank Sony Entertainment Television for agreeing to host this show. Many of the fans make up the large viewer base of Sony Tv and  requested them to sit down with Turners and the production house Sagar Arts and resolve this impasse at the earliest.Members thank Sagar Arts for trying to bring back the show and request them for persistant efforts in this regard.

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