Nov 092011

The sudden fall in temperatures and the accompanying haze over the past 10 days in the city has led to a 30% rise in viral infections cases. The number of people turning up at clinics with high fever, cold, cough and other respiratory infection symptoms is increasing.

“Since last week, the number of patients complaining of viral infection has risen by 30-40% everyday. Most of the people are complaining in with flu-like symptoms, including cough, cold, high fever and loss of appetite,”said Dr Rommel Tickoo, senior consultant, internal medicine, Max Hospital, Saket.

A change in weather always triggers viral infections, especially in Delhi, which experiences extreme temperature in summer and winter.

“The haze is triggering a chain of allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to dust, smoke and pollen grains. Their health problems are exacerbated when these allergies lead to super-added infections of mostly the respiratory tract, leading to col, cough, wheezing and fever,” Dr Byotra added.

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