Aug 232011

"Salina Wali Khan Delhi Model"

Delhi based model and actor Salina Wali Khan is the latest one to join Anna’s movement. She said, “She would strip in public if Central government doesn’t pass Jan lokpal bill”.

In an interview to  Mid-Day she revealed that she has been a victim of corruption number of times that’s why she has joined Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption.

“Everyone is fed-up with the corruption. We have to face this monster everywhere in India. I support Anna Ji Fully”, said Salina.

When asked whether she has said this for publicity, Salina said, “I haven’t taken this decision for publicity. I am not like other models who make controversial claims for grabbing eyeballs. I’m only doing this for me and common people of India.”

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  3 Responses to “I will strip if government doesn’t pass Anna’s Lokpal bill: Delhi Model Salina Wali Khan”

  1. kareena kapoor is very hot!

  2. Better way to support is Anna’s way.

  3. It is indeed an advertising stunt. Such comments and commitment should be avoided. It is neither good nor recommendable in our society and does not matter she is hindu or muslim but only a girl from India. Indian culture does not allow such acts.

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