Jun 182011

Keshav Puram SHO’s negligent approach irked Delhi Court and SHO was fine of Rs.10,000/- by the Judge.

On April 30, the judge had ordered the SHO to depute a sub-inspector rank official to properly verify if the robbery case accused Shibu Kumar was actually dead.

Facing trial for his involvement in a robbery case with two others, Shibu had been granted bail earlier but had stopped attending court with his counsel informing that he was dead.

At this, the court had ordered the Keshav Puram police to properly verify if the accused was actually dead. The Keshav Puram police, in turn, had entrusted the job to a trainee police official, who was not permanently posted at the police station.

The trainee official on April 30 appeared before the court with a purported death verification report of the accused. But the report did not have the correct name of the accused mentioned on it.

This prompted the court to specifically ask the Keshav Puram police station SHO to entrust the task to an official of sub-inspector rank so that he could produce either the mother, father, brother or wife of accused Shibu with all documents to prove that he has died.

But as the SHO failed to get the order carried out properly, by the next date of hearing on May 20, the court imposed the fine upon him.

The court has now directed the Deputy Commissioner of Police (north-west) to depute an inspector rank official to place before it the death verification report of Shibu.



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