Jul 202011

"Sex Workers in Delhi"

The new law will allow sex workers to live with dignity in the society now. As it is being considered by our honourable courts to make prostitution legal.

The Supreme Court holds that the right to live with dignity was a constitutional right of sex workers.

“Prostitution should definitely be made legal because there is no harm it. It is absolutely legal in the most of the developed countries. Even if we don’t make it legal still it will go on, so it’s better to make it legal and let sex workers live with dignity”, said Senior Advocate.

The apex court is considering to make sex workers to carry on their profession with dignity in the country.

The bench constituted a panel comprising senior advocates and NGOs to look into the problems faced by sex workers and give suggestions to protect their fundamental rights. The bench has also asked the central government and state governments to undertake surveys to ascertain how many sex workers wanted rehabilitation and submit reports to the panel.

According to the data, there are over 3 million female commercial sex workers in India and are often harassed by the police in the absence of proper regulation. However, the prostitution is not illegal but the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 makes certain acts relating to prostitution an offence, which does not create conducive atmosphere for the sex workers and often become victims of police action.

The Supreme Court constituted panel will be headed by senior counsel Pradip Ghosh.

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