Jun 202011

What the hell is happening in India! Now, the people are killing one another over Chicken plate.

An argument over a plate of chicken tikka reportedly ended in a man shooting a youth dead on Sunday night in Outer Delhi’s Rohini area.

According to the police, victim Himanshu Batra (24) was getting out of his car, when he accidentally hit a man carrying a plate of chicken tikka, which fell on the ground. An argument broke out and the accused later pulled out a pistol and fired four rounds — two hit Batra.

Four men have been detained for questioning by the police.

Batra’s friend Naveen, who was present at the time of the incident, has reportedly told the police that Batra had come to Rohini’s Sector 15 to meet his friends. “He would visit us on Sunday, his day off,” he said.

According to the police, the six friends — Naveen, Saurabh, Himanshu, Gulshan, Monu and Batra — decided to go for dinner at Mangu Chicken Corner in Sector 17. While Batra and Monu waited in the Wagon R car, the other four went to order food. Batra later decided to join his friends and as he was getting out, the door of the car hit two men walking past.

“He opened the passenger seat door, which accidentally hit one of the assailants whose plate of chicken tikka fell on the ground. This angered them,” said Monu, a key witness. As the assailant fired at Batra, one shot hit him in the chest and one in the stomach, he added.

Hearing gunshots Batra’s friends and the area’s beat constables ran to the spot, but “the assailants had fled by then”, said a senior police officer. “Constables ran after them, but they managed to flee, taking advantage of the dense fog.”


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