Aug 262011

"Rahul Gandhi in Parliament"

Everyone was hoping in this country that Rahul Gandhi will break the ice by clearing his own stand about Jan Lokpal Bill. But, his speech only disappointed Indians. Nothing special said about the Jan Lokpal issue by him.

Rahul said, “We also want strong anti-corruption bill but one bill is not enough”. He also expressed his views about making Lokpal a separate constitutional body like Election commission but said nothing about the present crisis.

His speech irked many MPs in the parliament still nothing constructive done by him. Jan Lokpal Bill was not discussed and Rahul totally ignored it though nation was waiting for a strong stand from him to solve the issue.

Still nothing done by him to solve the present dispute between team Anna and the government. What will happen to the 75 year old man who is on fast ?

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  3 Responses to “Rahul Gandhi confused India and even Congress leaders with his speech on Jan Lokpal Bill”

  1. Why are you so concerned with this Amul Baby ? Is he running the country? Just ignore this guy totally.

  2. That’s their fault if they expected anything from a person (word LEADER not used deliberately) like Rahul…. he read out in Parliament whatever was tutored to him….

  3. N Ram put it right – he likened Rahul’s speech to “motherhood and applie pie” – an idiom that we Indians very rarely use or hear. Broadly it means that the approach was oversimplified and idealistic. Nothing comes out of it. Just like the speech of the PM yesterday. They have very good speech writers. These idealistic musings never get translated in to action. Reminds one of the late PM Rajiv Gandhi’s early days in politics. Just wonder how astute Anna is. Yesterday, I was thinking Anna was very rigid but today I find his approach very practical.

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