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New Delhi, the Capital of India, is famous for various reasons. It is home to some delectable Indo-Persian cuisine, great architectural monuments and huge flyovers among others. Other than these, it is also renowned for its high cost of living, high hotel prices and high traveling expenses too. In fact, it is often said that New Delhi isn’t for the middle income group travelers to explore. Is it? Then let’s break the myth and find out a few hotels (good and safe) where you can get rooms at less than 1,000 bucks.

5. Hotel India International

Located at the heart of the city, in Paharganj, Hotel India International provides you comfortable, deluxe hotel stay at a very nominal rate. In fact, at 1000 bucks per night for a double bedded room, it’s a great deal.

You may not like the fact that it’s based at Paharganj, but it’s totally a secured and registered place; besides, it’s surrounded by numerous other hotels and markets, so no matter how late you arrive at hotel, you won’t ever feel weird. If you’re in this hotel, try their quintessential Punjabi cuisine like Parantha, Chicken tandooris and dal makhani—we bet you’ll keep waiting for more!

4. Hotel Star Villa

Again located in Paharganj, at Krishna Gali, Hotel Star Villa is another favorite among the budget tourists and travelers. Promt room service, good security system and neat and clean ambience make it a favorite among the family tourist groups too. And, you’ll get all these at a minimal rate of around 1000 per night.

If you want to stay at Hotel Star Villa, make sure you carry your id proof, otherwise, you might just not get a room for security purposes. This says enough about the tight security that they maintain.

3. Hotel Kaniashka Palace

Located near Chana Market at Karol Bagh’s West Extension Area, this hotel provides all the comforts of a super deluxe hotel at very nominal rates—you’ll get a nice two-bedded room in the 1,000 bucks range. They offer nice dine-in facility, prompt and efficient room service option too besides the efficient security that they offer. Again, it being located in the Karol Bagh Area serves as an added bonus.

It is located such a place where, on one side, there’s a posh residential area while on the other, similar good hotels can be located. This area always remains well guarded by the policemen as well, and at night, all the entrances to the area, except one, remains closed. In other words, if you want a proper budget hotel with a great security assurance, we recommend you Hotel Kaniashka Palace.

2. Hotel Durga Delux

Located at Saraswati Marg, in Karol Bagh, Hotel Durga Place offers a standard living experience for the budget tourists. Well maintained interiors, good and gentle staff, proper food and efficient security system—you’ll get everything that a budget tourist requires.

However, if you want extremely polished interiors and other supremely deluxe advantages from the hotel, then you would be quite mistaken.

1. Crown Continental Hotel

Crown Continental Hotel is located at Karol Bagh’s New Rohtak Road and is barely at a 30-minutes distance from the New Delhi Railway Station.

With its supremely deluxe interiors, well maintained lobby, courteous staff and efficient security, Crown Continental Hotel is one of the best staying option to all people traveling on a strict budget. In fact, it’s one hotel where even a girls’ gang can stay without much worries.

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