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Humans are impressionable creatures. Often a loved one or a soul mate, loss of a loved one or a significant event in our lifetime, leaves a lasting impression on our mind and soul. Getting a tattoo is our attempt to immortalize that memory on our self, till our grave. When selecting your tattoo remember getting rid of it is a next to impossible task. Choose after careful thought, not after a drink and try not to copy. Tattoo artists in Delhi will be able to deliver practically anything you want from him. Be smart and choose wisely.

Here’s listing places the best places to get inked in Delhi.

5. Devils Tattooz
Devils Tattooz is the largest chain of tattoo studios in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and NCR. It was rated one of the best tattoo parlors in India by GQ magazine. Founder artist Lokesh Verma, identified the need for such a service in 2003, and was instrumental in bringing this service to India. The team of artists has global exposure to places like USA, Germany, Paris, Amsterdam, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland. They strive to maintain international standard in their units. They believe in the power of design to set them apart from other parlors. All tattoos are done to conform European Standards.

4. Angel tattoos
The company is instrumental in spreading the art of tattooing to Nepal and India. They are passionate about spreading the right message and information about the trade to all. They specialize in training courses, unique designs, advanced body piercings. They have been around for more than five years and done exceptional work design customizations, 3D tattoos, portraits and piercing.

3. Inkinn Tattoo Studio
Max and Jasper are the two well known artist at Inkinn Tattoo Studio, running the studio since 2008. Max has had a very successful run since he opened the studio and his quality of work is reflective of his success. His expertise is black and grey tattoos and his style is a creative blend of old and new school. He advocates wise selection of designs, since they last a lifetime.

2. Body Canvas
‘Body Canvas Tattoos & Piercings’ was started in Mumbai, and in a very short time has come to be recognized as a quality provider of unique tattoos, in utmost safe and sterile environment. They now have branches in Delhi too and have an experienced team of experienced artist who have global experience. They successfully do old school and tribal tattoos to biomechanical tattoos to abstract tattoos to realistic and fantasy tattoos. They have been around since 1998 and all their equipment is imported from UK, USA and Germany.

1. Tattoos by Mike
Only use non-toxic, pure organic pigments (water or oil based) which are 100% safe on the human skin with no known side-effects. Imported from Europe and UK to ensure there is no compromise on authenticity and quality. Hygine is not compromise d under any circumstance; all needles are disposed after use. They strive to create awareness on hygienic procedures and standards and remove the social stigma attached to tattoos. They believe in free expression by this art form.

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