Jun 182011

You can’t join as a cop in Delhi Police if you are not having the driving license. So, be sure to have a driving license before applying for the Cop job.

Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said amendments have been made in Rule 7 and 9, which makes possession of a driving licence necessary for appointment. “This will help us in multi-tasking. Now, no one can say they cannot drive.

Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna has approved an amendment to the Delhi Police (Appointment and Recruitment) Rules, which will require men hoping to join the — as Constable or Sub-Inspector — to have a driving licence.

The notification read, “In Rule 7, after educational qualification, the following shall be inserted, namely… a male candidate must possess a valid driving licence for Light Motor Vehicles (motorcycle/car)”. In Rule 9, under heading the ‘driving licence’, it will be specified that a candidate must possess a valid driving licence for LMV. This requirement is essential for Constables (Executive-Male) in the Delhi Police.

At present, there are personnel who just drive and take up no other responsibility. Now anybody can be assigned to any task,” Bhagat said.


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