Jul 132011

"Pregnant Woman Delhi Died in Hospital"

A woman was forced to give birth at the gates of a Babasaheb Ambedkar hospital in Rohini on Monday after the doctors refused to tend to her. On the same day, Delhi government announced a new scheme for the medical well-being of pregnant women with much fanfare.

Suman, a resident of Shahbad Dairy, was brought by her husband Santosh to the hospital early on Monday after she went into labour.

Suman, 24, delivered a baby boy right outside the emergency ward of the hospital on Monday after the hospital refused to admit her. It was only after the people present in the compound at the time protested that the doctors came out to cut the umbilical cord after she had delivered the baby.

“The hospital staff conducted a preliminary check and told us that the baby could be delivered any minute and asked us to take her to the nearby Sanjay Gandhi hospital immediately. They told us that there were no beds available and that if anything happened to her, we would be held responsible.

“We requested the hospital authorities for an ambulance but they refused and asked us to leave. Finally, my brother went outside to get a three-wheeler while I helped my wife out. But she collapsed and the baby was delivered right outside the emergency ward at 7 am,” Santosh said.

Santosh’s brother Ashok said: “The hospital told us that it was an emergency but refused to give us an ambulance. The staff at the emergency ward was only concerned with getting us out of the hospital premises as soon as possible. None of the doctors or the staff came to help Suman when she was crying in pain.” Ironically, the emergency ward of the hospital has a large billboard claiming it to be operational “24 hours”. The woman’s relatives alleged that even after the baby was delivered, none from the hospital came to help her.

“It was only after we protested and the media persons came to the spot that the doctors came and cut the umbilical cord. There was another woman who had died because of the negligence on the part of the doctors in the hospital. Her family members, too, protested and the police reached the spot. It was then that my wife was given a bed and promised admission in the hospital,” Santosh said.

The hospital authorities claimed that the woman, who was not identified, had died after her blood pressure decreased and there was a rise in her sugar level. But Kundan alleged that the doctors told him everything was normal even after they saw his wife bleeding from the mouth. “They refused to let me see my wife after the baby’s birth and did not tend to her either. It was only in the evening that they asked me to get lab reports, 10 pairs of gloves and medicines for her treatment. Later, around midnight they told me she was serious. No one attended to her when she needed medical care,” Kundan said.

He alleged that the family was not even allowed to see the face of the newborn until they paid a bribe of Rs 1,200 to the security guards. “The guards refused to let me see the baby till I handed him Rs 1,200. They were adamant and refused to let me see my own child,” Kundan said.

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  1. This is the reason why every indian likes to move out from INDIA. Government is declaring or launching so many policies for beneift of the General public. Is only launching of an scheme is a sufficent no, in my view they have to arrange few NGO’s who will cross check all the latest from ground level against each schemese. donot make the employees forever for any location, must be transferr after one or two years so that he / she would not able to develop any relation with others to get benefit.

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