Aug 172011

Today, I would share my experience with you. I accidentally found a great spoken English which must be the best one in Delhi. Their teaching methods were very easy and I learnt many things.

Last year, my PC broke down and I went to Rajouri Garden’s Gupta Place to get it repaired. The computer engineer told me that he would take 1 hr. to repair. So, I was just passing my time roaming around the building. Suddenly, I saw the English Speaking sign board on stairs and I went up-stairs to find-out about the institute.

The institute “LSE” from Wabs Talk was on 2nd floor. I enquired about the from the sir there and I was quite satisfied. After the gap of two months, I finally joined LSE after the long search of good institutes.

It was just amazing. They provided me very good coaching and I was so pumped-up all the time since they kept encouraging through new means. Our speaking sessions were mind-boggling. Their teaching methods were so easy and very different. I gained so much from LSE.

Now, I’m in Seoul , South Korea, working in Samsung and I’m a part time blogger as well. All this became possible due to LSE and sir there.

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  5 Responses to “Best Institute for Spoken English in Delhi”

  1. You are true champions in teaching English. Thanks for making me good at English !

  2. LSE is a great institute in teaching English.

  3. You are just superb. Keep it up !

  4. Super institute ! You rock buddies……….

  5. Thanks for the wonderful info !

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