Jun 032013

It is rightly said that “practice makes man perfect” but only when u practice correctly otherwise it would be “wrong practice makes man permanent”. You must be thinking I am out of my senses but this is a fact that if we keep following the others you cannot make something new.  Now keep the jokes apart and let’s talk about the topic. First I would like to say, it is just a myth of the people that everyone can’t be a good speaker.

Everybody can’t be the best speaker, but yes everybody can speak in English. We just need a reason and determination to pursue it. I would like to suggest you one thing that don’t make hype of speaking in English because it is as simple as that. I am going to make it more easy for you…here we go…speak according to the situation not according to the grammar rules because you will get puzzled when  you frame sentences every time and it does not affect only fluency  but also your confidence. So built your confidence by speaking grammatically wrong even once you are full of confidence you will speak more and more and it’s natural that you will improve your English as well. Think before you speak but do think after speaking too. If you think after speaking, you will definitely go through your mistakes and next time while speaking you would be able to correct yourself. By the by I told you the very effective commands to improve your speaking and my knowledge.

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